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  1. I'm just shy of 10,000 miles on mine as of this past weekend (04/11/10) and still going strong. I've also swapped it into the Safari tank and now the pump has had a couple of thousand miles on it in it's new home.
  2. scottmac

    WR250 R/X Photo Gallery.........

    Getting ready for a two night, three day camping trip down in the Santa Lucia coastal mountains south of Big Sur.
  3. scottmac

    Rear Brakes wr250r (none)

    I've got over 7000 miles on my stock rear pads and they're doing great. Had to replace the fronts once already though...
  4. scottmac

    What do you think of Engine Ice?

    Engine Ice has been helpful for me summer riding up in the canyons around here. It's usually an uphill pull in high temps and little to no ventilation from any wind. Mine is a stock bore though. I'll be very interested in your experiences with the big bore and cooling issues. Seems to me this bike runs on the hot side right off the showroom floor.
  5. scottmac

    wr250r Handlebars

    ProTaper EVO's With the Yamaha GYTR wide bar mounts
  6. I've got a build date of 02/08 on mine, vin 00209. Over 7000 miles racked up to date and no problems...
  7. I had my low fuel light come on this afternoon on a ride. I see by your post that you got a good 65 miles off of the tank till you ran dry. I stopped and looked inside mine when the light came on and there seemed to be quite a bit of fuel still in the tank, I'm guessing a bit over a gallon. I need to readjust my thinking now to compensate from the stock tank - there's a lot more range left you have to work with.
  8. You are also dealing with the AUS/US exchange rate on this transaction. They are just trying to hold their profit margin constant. You can't blame them that the US dollar isn't worth crap right now. I've bought a lot of product from Australia over the years and if you play the game right you can get yourself really good quality stuff for cheaper than you'd pay for it here. Even after shipping costs are factored in.
  9. That's too simple, I was planning on making a real mess out of it! Thanks!
  10. After reading your post I'm guessing I'll need to reinstall the vacuum pump that drove the airbox flapper valve... My airbox is modified and the flapper is disabled so the pump can deal with the fuel pickups exclusively.
  11. scottmac

    The Tire Thread

    I put an AC10 on the front following a 606 and the AC10 is weak. Weaker in the dirt, weaker on the pavement. It just plain feels loose, front end wants to wallow and tuck under when you're pushing it hard. It makes you feel like you have to baby the bike through most corners and does not inspire much confidence. I'll be switching back to a 606 front again soon.
  12. scottmac

    Best dual sport

    A plated WR450F would be sweet but trying to find one in California is going to take a bit of work.
  13. +1 on the KTM folders - you can just flip them up and over on the move and there's no dicking around. I've snapped two Ken Sean mirrors off at the socket so far, they have a definite weak spot. Plus the KTM's are an actual mirror that you can use as a mirror!
  14. scottmac

    Tyres once again

    I don't know what others might have experienced but I put a DOT Michelin AC10 on the front recently and am not impressed. It has felt very skittish both on the pavement and in the dirt. Feels like it wants to wash out in just about everything when you push it in corners. Low pressure, high pressure, it just does not inspire confidence. Makes you feel like you've got to baby the bike through every corner. I've got about 500 miles on it now and it has not grown any better after getting scrubbed in. I had a Dunlop 606 previously and it had way more "bite" IMHO. I'll be replacing the AC10 with another 606 here soon.