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  1. Yamaho

    Sunday 11/12 Carnegie or Hollister?

    What's up Dave? It's Todd from BARF. I didn't know you were on Thumpertalk too. I will be at Carnegie Sun morning too. Hopefully I will see you there. Later.
  2. Yamaho

    Frame paint/guards

    I second the Works connection/grip tape option that motocxer117 is talking about. Put the grip tape on the part of the frame that is exposed above what the guards cover. Works great, looks good, and lasts a long time too.
  3. Yamaho

    YZ 85 erers... I need your help!

    For clarification, my post was meant for Krac. Thanks.
  4. Yamaho

    YZ 85 erers... I need your help!

    I don't know what the stock jets were, but can you tell me what size all your jets are? Also, what is your altitude and temperature. (approximate) I am a little lost on jetting mine. 2002 85 fmf fatty and fmf silencer. 96 db power core I think. Thank you much.
  5. Yamaho

    Lets see ur 80s/85s!!!

    Here's my little pinger! http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=5/13904274910.jpg&s=f5 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=5/13904285659.jpg&s=f5 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=5/13904283341.jpg&s=f5 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=5/13904281296.jpg&s=f5
  6. Yamaho


    Pull off your seat and start it up. The sound is coming out of the airbox for sure. Totally NORMAL.
  7. Yamaho

    Whats after a 120 pad?

    I already bought the guides and retainers and figured what the hay. He said the same thing though. I guess it was just for peace of mind.
  8. Yamaho

    Whats after a 120 pad?

    I paid about $215, give or take $15. Since you are in CA, I can highly recommend Enine Dynamics. They resurfaced my valve seats and put in new valve guides. The head came back looking better than new. It actually looked so good that the rest of the engine looked like crap. I also replaced the piston, rings, and cam chain. I runs like a raped ape. And despite what some preach , I did not hone my cylinder. (very touchy subject around here, and I know I will catch flack for saying it.) No smoke, great compression, etc. Time for a rebuild for you though. Engine Dynamics is in Petaluma CA. It cost about fifteen bucks for shipping with $1000 insurance on the package. UPS
  9. Yamaho

    lifted trucks

    While that may be good advice for a small truck, you can't generalize. My F250 comes stock with a Sterling 10.25 that is freakin beefy. I haven't heard of too many people breaking these axles even with huge tires and towing trailers. The only axle that I would ever consider upgrading to is a Rockwell. Which is way overkill. As for a Dana 44, I agree.
  10. Yamaho

    Stripped cylinder nut. Sugg for removal please.

    I am not sure how much room you have to work with but, can you weld another nut or maybe an old wrench to the nut to break it loose? What about cutting the nut down the side from top to bottom and splitting it apart? You may damage the stud but I'm pretty sure you could replace that too. Keep in mind I don't really know which nut you are talking about, so these are just some random ideas. Good luck. A picture might help too.
  11. Yamaho

    lifted trucks

    04 F-250, Donahoe Racing 6" lift, 35x14.5 Nitto Mud Grapplers, custom rims from Trail Ready. No U-joint issues or vibrations from drive shaft angles. It is expensive to have a lifted truck. If you can't afford it, don't lift it. I think alot of the HATERS can't afford it so they rip on those of us that can swing $360 a tire, $2500 lift (price does not include install. Did it myself.) or the crappy gas mileage. The truck stock cost 45k. A waste of money to some but not all. It's a toy hauler.
  12. Yamaho

    Linkage... GONE GONE GONE

    The bearings on my 250F are pressed in. I tried to pound them out with a hammer and socket with similar results as you. Find a socket that fits the bore in the linkage but will still push the bearing case out. Then take it to someone with a press. You might be able to do this with a table mounted vice too, I don't know. Good luck.
  13. Yamaho

    Fly wheel puller?

    I have a flywheel puller from Kragen auto parts. I just went to the hardware store for washers and the right size bolts. I would think that pretty much any puller would work. Good luck.
  14. Yamaho


    I don't know alot about two strokes, but I think that it is time for a new piston and rings.