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  1. duner123

    2007 yz 250 stupid loud exhaust?

    Lol anyone else?
  2. Hi i have a 2007 yz 250, over night it just got stupid loud out of the silencer. I did repack the silencer but it didnt change the crazy crackle/ ping c9ming from the the exhaust. Has anyone experienced this? Or have ideas to what it could be? I will try to post the video hopefully can get some help with this.
  3. duner123

    Action Wallpapers

    put this one up lol
  4. duner123

    Vids of Racing in Jamaica

    lmao that crash at the 2 minute mark in the first vid is so funny.
  5. i was wondering if there is anything that will help my stickers/decals stay on my bike.(not graphics) it seems after every time i wash my bike i end up loosing stickers and im sick of buying new ones all the time. adhesives or house hold items? thanks.
  6. duner123

    my new jump pics/video

    yea im hope to make it a little bigger next weekend
  7. its nothin to big but still fun hopefully be able too try some small tricks off it once i get the confidence and maybe make it have a little more pop to it. Dont be afraid to critisize, it can only help me. over the truck: video of my cousin: video of me:
  8. duner123

    7 year old jumping his 65 SX

    cool stuff ill probably see you at the clinic then.
  9. duner123

    7 year old jumping his 65 SX

    is he gonna be be racing there this year?
  10. duner123

    Vid of the kids on their 2strokes

    sweet video's your boy took a pretty good spill there to around 1:49 hope he got back up after that one.
  11. duner123

    old video from last winter

    yea, by far the best snow video i have seen in a long time.
  12. duner123

    lead blet isde qualifier

    pretty cool sweet video.
  13. duner123

    did some stuff to the yz.

    yea new front and back tires on the list next.
  14. duner123

    did some stuff to the yz.

    thanks bro i just fixed it. lol