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  1. -ride4life-

    Beta Adventure Bike Coming soon!

    Strap a sleeping bag+pad to your back fender, a tent to the front, then put on a back pack filled with the rest of the gear you need on the trail adventure and you have it made. I just saved you $1000.
  2. -ride4life-

    New Plastic Kits from Beta

    this link is to the 13RR and the 14RS, the same thing listed on Betas website... I cant find a plastic kit that will fit my 13RS, Im pretty sure the 14 plastics wont bolt up
  3. -ride4life-

    New Plastic Kits from Beta

    Its frustrating that they dont sell plastic kit for the 13, hell I cant even find a mud flap on the entire website! I love my Beta, and would like to say its easy to get parts for but as I need more its becoming a pain in the ass! Come on Beta, step up your game.
  4. -ride4life-

    New Plastic Kits from Beta

    I was just looking at these on the website tonight and came here to research, If i remember the 14 520 RS plastics wont fit my 13 520RS am I right?
  5. -ride4life-

    Show me your...BETA !

    Fresh Stillwell suspension after months away for work... Im ready to ride tomorrow like no other!! Braapppp!
  6. -ride4life-

    2015 Beta 300 Race Edition arrived!

    I want that bike... I NEED that bike!
  7. -ride4life-

    ktm 50 action in the woods with my 6 yr old!

    Thanks for all the nice comments, Im stoked to have a boy who LOVES dirt bikes as much (probably more) as I do! I look forward to the day he smokes me on the trail, won't be long! Good advice, the bike works well for him around the house but up on the big hills the power delivery definitely needs some help!
  8. Thought i would share this video of my boy who loves to ride, this was only his second time on the trails and he is doing awesome! Proud of him!
  9. -ride4life-

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

  10. -ride4life-

    My first hare scramble aboard my 520RS!

    Oh yeah I almost forgot about Big Bear! I really wanted to do the dual sport event up there but shortly after I got my first dual sport I moved to Oregon, I loved it up there. I know the frustration with the public lands being closed down, most of the trail systems here in Oregon are on public land but not actual OHV trails and the only maintenance is done by the riders who ride up there. I read recently that the BLM is funding several hundred thousand dollars to create more MTB trails here in Oregon to try to get tourists in the area, you would think with all the land we have here they would allow funding to create more dirt bike trails also instead of closing areas down and ticketing people for riding where they aren't suppose to be! We dont even need funding or help just the go ahead to create more trails, yeah its a joke for sure. http://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/2014/06/19/finding-new-flow/11014317/
  11. -ride4life-

    My first hare scramble aboard my 520RS!

    Yeah I lived in Temecula for years and spent many o weekends riding out in ocotillo wells, and it wasn't that bad! Not sure where you ride out of HB but yeah the dirt here is REAL dirt, and the terrain here is premium compared to SoCal desert in my opinion! Although I miss ripping through the desert there is little to no comparison to the single track trails of southern Oregon. It requires a different skill set and it was a learning process for sure. These trails in the race are easy going compared to the trails I ride locally, Im sure that had alot to do with the outcome, considering I hadn't even rode my bike for over 3 months prior to the race... If you ever want to ride some trails in this area send me a message I will be your tour guide, we can shred some real dirt.
  12. -ride4life-

    My first hare scramble aboard my 520RS!

    Yes the course was very well marked out and bad ass! Not sure about the horn rule but it was very effective! haha, I might want to check the rules cause it would suck to get DQ for it... The Beta fired right up and with 13 50 gearing a second gear launch was perfect for the hole shot, I was surprised/stoked to head into the first corner all alone and be dust free for awhile
  13. -ride4life-

    My first hare scramble aboard my 520RS!

    Thanks its a GOPRO black, I used there editing program with the candy color setting... I wasn't sure I liked it it makes the light transitions kinda harsh.
  14. -ride4life-

    My first hare scramble aboard my 520RS!

    Thanks this was my first race ever so I rode in the Vet 30c class, we did 3 laps and this was the first lap chopped up to 12 minutes, no pre run just adrenaline! I was all by myself until I caught up with the classes in front of me like the 200 and open C. I definitely slowed down after the first lap due to conditioning but managed to hold off everyone but my buddy in my class for a second place and 9th overall! Cant wait to do another one, time to start working out...