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  1. FOUR41

    Closeout Graphics

    I just picked up a 2001 426. It's going to be a spare bike so I don't want to put much money into it. The bike has all new plastic on it with no decals. Has anybody seen any cheap graphics, preferrably N-Style or One?
  2. FOUR41

    What Seat To Buy ??

    SDG makes a good seat for $85. I have the tall version and it took quite a while to break in (getting it wet when washing seemed to help) but its pretty good now. I think Guts Racing, One, and Ceet all have versions too. Anybody else had experience with those? Ouch I hate to say this, but anything close to the comfort of the honda seat?
  3. Has anyone been to the Stillwater Cycle Park or ridden there? Considering an excursion to a more rideable area to escape winter and this one keeps popping up. Is the track in good shape this time of year and what is the track like? Also, does it get very busy on the weekend? Thanks ahead for the input.
  4. I rode a Pro Circuit modified KTM 450 SX last night. Suspension was unbelievably plush. I liked the KTM clutch feel too. Now I want my yzf the same. Has anyone had Pro-Action modify their '03 450's suspension for motocross? How is it for plushness and soaking up big hits? Also, anybody have a Magura clutch on their bikes? Did it make pull much easier?
  5. FOUR41

    2004 KTM 450 SX

    I just bought (yesterday) an '04 KTM 450 SX. The suspension has been set up for a 195 lb. B class rider. Suspension work was done by Pro Circuit. I weigh about the same and ride B class. Through choppy sections the front end seems to dance and on flat corners the back end seems to slide alot under acceleration. The bike doesn't jump well either, tending to go front end low. I'd like some recommendations on how to set the sag or adjust clickers to remedy some of this. I'm used to Japanese bikes and don't know if I should be doing something different with the Katoom. Thanks
  6. Will my SDG tall seat and FMF Ti-4 muffler/mid-pipe swap directly into '05 yz450f from an '03 yz450f? I'd really like to have the new suspension and motor, but not have to buy all new parts.
  7. FOUR41

    stock exhaust

    I ride at my own practice track and noise isn't a concern. I replaced the stock silencer with an FMF 14" Ti-4 and midpipe (left the stock head pipe). The bike has more throttle response and the power seems much smoother. This was a great mod. I wonder if shortening the stock silencer would help power delivery? Look at the outdoor factory yamaha's. The silencer doesn't even stick out form behind the side panels. Just a thought.
  8. Is the locknut for the clutch on a 50 right(normal) or left (backwards) hand thread? Has anybody taken it off without the Takegawa tool?
  9. FOUR41

    Front Fork Problem?

    Did you back the rebound and compression adjusters all the way out before dissassembly?
  10. FOUR41

    03 Fork Oil Level

    What was the oil height on the 03 450's supposed to be? How much higher on oil height can you go to help reduce bottoming?
  11. I have an 03 yz450. The rear spring is a 5.4 and the fronts are one size above stock. Both ends feel very harsh and seem to really transmit square-edged bumps. I run the compression at 12-14 clicks out on both ends and I weigh 210 lbs without gear. My rebound is set around 9 or 10 clicks out on both ends too. Shock preload is at the stiff end of the factory recommendation. I want to improve bottoming and make the suspension a little plusher. I don't want to revalve because I'm not sure I'm keeping this bike. Here are the ideas I am kicking around. Let me know what you think will work. -Fork- Adding more oil (reduce bottoming) and putting some of the Racetech spacers (supplied with springs) in. Will this make it feel even more harsh? When this is done back off compression and rebound. Shock- back off compression and rebound, reduce preload a bit.
  12. FOUR41

    I just joined the club

    I've spent many a day there. I ride lots of the other southern tracks too Mazeppa, Plainview (Kellog), and take a kid racing at Millville. Hoping to race a little 25+ at Millville this summer. See how the schedule works out. Have you ever been over to Wheeler?
  13. FOUR41

    I just joined the club

    Congratulations on the purchase! I'm sure you'll like it and yes it will start a lot better when it warms up. Is your avitar the fly away at Millville?
  14. FOUR41

    Bad Front Brake

    I'm just switching from a yz450f to crf450. My Honda is an '03. It has a stainless line and new front pads. The problem is that it feels really mushy at the front lever. I can pull the lever almost all of the way to the bar. It doesn't seem to have near the stopping power as my Yamaha either. I topped off the fluid and bled the lines and don't think there's any air bubbles. What else could it be? Poor seals somewhere???? Thanks for any help
  15. I bought a used '03 450 and I will be ordering a new exhaust for it. I am considering the Pro Circuit T-4 silencer or maybe the FMF Ti-4. Had a few questions before order and hoping you guys can give me your experiences before I order. -Will the FMF mid pipes bolt onto the stock header? -Is there a noticeable performance increase when just adding the tail section? Better throttle response, more power??? -If I go with the FMF, what length of silencer...14, 17??? -If I go with the FMF, what Powerbomb SX or MX? I am usually not a high revver. -Any other exhausts that I should really consider?