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  1. SKXM5

    250 EXC vs. YZ 250F

    I just sold my 2003 YZ 250F and recently purchased a 250EXC RFS. But I had the 351 HT kit installed in it immediately without ever having ridden the bike in stock condition. I will tell you the YZ is a lot lighter and is just a great bike all around riding on the track, trails or the flats. On the other hand, the KTM is more plush in the ride and handles well but does not maneuver as quickly as the YZ. I would compare the YZ handling similar to that of a Porsche and the KTM's would be that of a Mercedes. The KTM 351 has plenty of power everywhere but I was somewhat suprised it did not have a hit at the high end like the YZ. I don't really ride on the track too much so I am not too worried about the weight on the KTM. The biggest advantage the KTM has is the green sticker which is needed in Cali for year round riding, electric start and the kickstand
  2. Now you guys have me worried about T.O. KTM service. I used to take my YZ 250F and they were real slow in getting my bike back and their work was just OK. I now have a 351 RFS and I am mechanically challenged and don't want to learn how to perform tune ups. Where should I now take my KTM for tune ups? Also, what should I expect to pay for a tune up? Thanks for the help and info.
  3. SKXM5

    '04 250 EXC vs. '04 WR250F

    Dirt rider recently did a test with the CRF 250X, EXC 250 RFS and the WR 250. As I recall the CRF came out on top but the EXC 250 was a close 2nd. I am selling my YZ 250F and going to buy a EXC 250. There are a number of excellent big bore kits on the market if you decide you need more power for the EXC 250. I think the CRF and WR are good bikes but just won't have enough power I am looking for and the cost to upgrade is cost prohibitive compared to the KTM. http://www.dirtrider.com/tests/141_0406_24hr/
  4. SKXM5

    '04 250 EXC vs. '04 WR250F

    Are you talking about the EXC 4 stroke or 2 stroke model?
  5. SKXM5

    My new bike?

    Husky, Thanks for the info. I thought that was the case and I would definitely being registering the bike as I ride in the Gorman area. The difference in cost becomes a lot less.
  6. SKXM5

    My new bike?

    Travis, When you registered you bike in Cali, did you have to pay registration and sales tax? I am thinking getting a 250EXC from them.
  7. SKXM5

    Thompson soft drop stand.

    The stand isn't heavy at all and is very transportable. I got my stand in blue and would definitely do it again.
  8. Have had no problems with the ARC's.
  9. You can use a silocone spray or some lithium grease.
  10. Sand probably got between the handle bar and the throttle tube. Just pullback the rubber cover off the throttle area and you will see 2 phillips head screws. Remove the screws and than you will be able to disassemble the throttle tube from the handle bar. Clean off the bar and the inside of the throttle tube. Spray both with lubricant and reassemble. You should be good to go.
  11. Are the CRF 230, XR 250 and TTR 250 green stickered?
  12. SKXM5

    Step up Bike Stands?

    It was assembled correctly. But, FMF acknowledged the early model was welded incorrectly from the vertical pipe to the platform. The weld was really crappy and had rust all over it. I assume the newer ones are fine.
  13. SKXM5

    Gorman Back Forest Trails - Open yet???

    Bill, Thanks for the info.
  14. SKXM5

    Gorman Back Forest Trails - Open yet???

    How much more difficult are the Gorman trails versus trails in Hungry Valley like Backbone Trail and Badlands Trail? Both trails were marked black diamond in certain sections but were very managable. I want to take a couple of buddies up there but want to make sure it doesn't get too much more difficult for them. Thanks.