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  1. MasterT2000

    Starter Clutch

    I've done this job on about 9 or 10 TRX450s, which are apparently notorious for starter clutch failures. I've always replaced the outer housing. I didn't know you could get away with polishing them with emery cloth. Has this proven to be a reliable fix? These parts are expensive and this would definitely help keep costs down. Thanks for the tip Paul.....I mean Doc...
  2. MasterT2000

    Alternative to the Merge Racing spring for a 2006 450x?

    This link has most everything you might be looking for including the Merge spring. Not sure about the Canadian shipping. http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/index.php/cPath/138_147/sort/2a/page/2 Another alternative to the Merge spring is the one from Tokyo Mods. Other than that, I don't think anyone else offers them anymore. R&D Racing used to offer one but no longer do. http://www.tokyomods.com/carburetion/carburetion.html#aps
  3. MasterT2000

    @#$% Razors!

    Unfortunately, side by sides are spawning a whole new breed of idiots. Possibly worse than quadtards. Time will tell. I'm a motorcyclist through and through. There's no other vehicle I'd rather be operating. I agree with the above statements about the dangers in the desert and dunes. Between quads, side by sides, 800hp buggies, trophy trucks, golf carts with 1000cc engines stuffed into them, jeeps, and heck, even 1/5 scale RC cars, we as motorcyclists face more dangers than any of the others. And the funny thing is, for the most part, we are the most skilled operators of our machinery on any given weekend. It's them not paying attention or simply not having the experience or skill. Single track is our last true sanctuary. Where we can explore without worry of the various 4 wheeled heroes. If these dicks keep finding and widening our favorite single track spots, we're gonna lose them. Not sure what we can do about it. One thing I can think of is, don't ever tell ATV, side x side or jeep guys about single track riding areas.
  4. MasterT2000

    @#$% Razors!

    Side by sides are fun as hell to drive and they just keep getting better and better. That said, I agree with the OP. They need to stick to the desert, the dunes or jeep trails. If they keep tearing up and widening single track, these riding areas are gonna get shut down.
  5. MasterT2000

    neighbor crashed my new bike.....

    George209. Your neighbor is a piece of $#!t for lying, but also for asking to ride it. That's just downright disrespectful and rude. Not to make you feel worse, but part of the blame is on you. Never let someone you don't know and trust well, ride your expensive toys. NEVER!! Go get a quote from a dealer. Give the quote to the dip$#!T neighbor, hope that he pays it, fix the bike yourself and pocket the rest of the cash. You can fix the damage yourself for a fraction of the cost. Have the radiator repaired instead of buying new and save even more. Good luck. Post some pics of the damages if you can.
  6. MasterT2000

    2 Things I Learned Watching Vegas

    Hahahahahahaha!!! I had that coming.
  7. MasterT2000

    2 Things I Learned Watching Vegas

    What I learned from this post. You're an idiot!
  8. MasterT2000

    Did anyone else see...

    Dumbest topic ever! ......Yeah you dumb ass, he just raced hard and got a face full of roost and dust for several laps. He was wiping, smudging and picking and then accepted his trophy. What's the problem?
  9. MasterT2000

    It's just a job

    RV has always struggled with finding the balance between racing for fun and racing strictly as a profession. He's always been honest about the fact that it's not very fun for him. The stress of being a rider of his caliber is tremendous. There's very little time to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you devote 24/7 365 to training, testing, practicing, bike set-up, traveling, proper diet, fans, sponsorship commitments, injuries, planning etc. And at the end of the day, he still has to find time to deal with the business side, keeping his marriage and finances in order and get some proper sleep. Impressive if you ask me.
  10. MasterT2000

    James "flubba" Stewart in 2015?

    James did it first in Heat #2. Hill did it later in Semi #1
  11. Absolutely NO reason you should have to do this. I've rebuilt and tuned literally dozens of these engines, hundreds of different other motorcycle engines, and have NEVER had to pull start one after a rebuild. Normally 2-3 kicks. If the engine is assembled, set up and tuned properly it should fire off quickly and easily.
  12. You're doing it wrong! You need to purchase a service manual. Your mechanic will most certainly be calling to tell you the cam timing is off.
  13. MasterT2000

    Highly Recommended

    That aluminum fuel screw is junk, as is any aluminum fuel screw for that matter. The tip will distort then eventually break off inside the carb. It's a bitch to remove the broken piece when it happens. Plus you won't be able to reach the adjustment knob anyway with it installed on the X. Save yourself the hassle and as a bonus, get a fuel screw you can actually reach. The R&D flexjet. http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/RD-FLEX-JET-FUEL-MIXTURE-SCREW
  14. MasterT2000

    Highly Recommended

    $24 bucks for that little piece?? That's why I don't like Tokyo Mods. Over inflated pricing on everything they make. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spending loads of cash on my dirt bike hobby, but Tokyo Mods is ridiculous compared to their competitors. And their products are nothing special. Sorry, rant over. I prefer this one from Zip Ty racing. Uses a 10mm wrench on the hex which is so much easier to fiddle with in tight confines. Best hot start nut out there. http://www.ziptyracing.com/hot-start-nut/ I agree Krannie. The plastic one is an instant throw away.
  15. MasterT2000

    js7 seven gear 300+$? what a joke...

    Nobody gets "free" gear, so I don't know what that reference is about.