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  1. BDubb106

    2018 250 XC-F tips from XC-F owners!

    I would change it everytime for the first 2 or 3 changes. I'm sure others will argue this but these bikes are too expensive to take a chance on a $5 filter.
  2. BDubb106

    2018 250 XC-F tips from XC-F owners!

    Change the oil often for the first 5 hrs or so. I changed mine every hour for the first 5 hours and the amount of shedding dropped dramatically! I am slightly anal about these things but I did not want that metal floating around my engine unnecessarily. Keep an eye on the spokes. The spokes next to the rim locks seem to want to come loose from time to time. Make sure to keep the forks bled! This is crucial for optimum every time out. Get yourself a skid plate ASAP! Consider a fan kit in the future. It does wonders in the woods. I don't have any trouble overheating on the track but it made a drastic difference in the woods when things get tight.
  3. BDubb106

    FMF slip-on durability question

    I don't have near as many hours as Hans does but I do have a few crashes under my belt. No issues to date, Ti can, CF end cap for me also.
  4. BDubb106

    Anybody mod the stock 2018 exhaust?

    I also shortened mine by 2.5 inches before I bought an aftermarket exhaust for the bike. Just drill out the rivets and cut the can and perf. core. I didn't notice any difference in power or noise but it sure did look better.
  5. BDubb106

    BRAND NEW 2018 450 XC-F FOR $9699 OTD

    I would buy it!!! That is only about $600 more than I paid for my 18' 450 OTD and I got a stupid good deal through a buddy!
  6. They are not as high maintenance as people make them out to be if you keep up on them.
  7. BDubb106

    Used 2012 RMZ450: things to look for?

    This is spot on... I know the OP bought another bike but I figured maybe someone else could use the info since you got the ball rolling. There are easy ways to help out with some of it's shortcomings. Snugging up the steering stem nut a quarter turn can make all the difference in the high speed stuff (unless you are going pro speed). I don't remember using first gear much or it being good for much of anything, but second works well in the trails, as Cody said... it just requires a little clutch finesse if things are REALLY tight. It will benefit from proper suspension set up such as a revalve, correct spring and most importantly correct sag numbers. Fork height seems to be more touchy on the RMZ than on any other bike that I rode. After the suspension was addressed I have never been happier with an overall package than I was on the Suzuki. Except of course my new KTM but that is just because it is the main bike in the barn right now.
  8. If I understand correctly, the tools are capable of self mapping but most teams choose not to run a bung under race conditions for reliability reasons which is needed to measure exhaust gasses so they disable the self mapping feature and just use data acquisition and adjust mapping themselves to the riders preference. They then use that info for baseline settings in the future, and to gather data on the bikes performance throughout the day. They do the same with suspension. Super cool stuff!
  9. Also just to add most teams run data acquisition, not actual self mapping tools. They record info and make the adjustments themselves by making changes to ignition and fuel settings within the ECU. The bikes still don’t do it themselves.
  10. Idk. I’ve never used his. It seals well enough!
  11. Mine has replaceable o rings as well.
  12. [emoji16][emoji16] gotta know the right people and obviously I can’t name drop.
  13. I love the smell when it burns. It does smell terrible out of the can though. I have a metal cap that I use once I pop the seal. It still stores better than pump fuel though.
  14. Ok bad example. I shouldn’t have tried to add anything. Point is that you have already told the ECU how to behave with the remap. Those guys ride stock bikes too esp the privateers. I didn’t mean to say factory bikes, I meaning the “factory” mechanics and that one gave me the info. Im just sayin, I’m gonna go with what the guys that mess with this stuff everyday tell me. The ECU WILL self adjust within the parameters it is designed. Either way it will adjust after a remap. With or without the “passive reset” because you’ve told it to. The ECU has already been reset by being reprogrammed. How does the bike learn from getting hot and turning it off? How is it gathering information? The only thing it is reading is a temp.
  15. That is a croc of crap. It is EFI, it is constantly adjusting! Do people stop to do this with their car when they drive through the mountains? I’ve asked about this in the past and there is not a factory team in the pits that does this when they go to Colorado for instance... Because they don’t need to. The mechanic actually laughed when I asked him.