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  1. BDubb106


    Just posting so I can follow! Should be a cool build!
  2. BDubb106

    Ecu reprogramming

    What type of riding do you do? If you are an MX only guy you can get away without a fan. If you ride woods at all (unless they are fire roads) I would suggest installing a fan kit. Getting the ECU remapped will help maximize the potential of your kit but probably isn't "necessary". However seeing as you want to squeeze a little more power out of the bike I would say that a remap is necessary for you. They DO sell PC's and Vortex's for these bikes but a remap will be your most cost effective method of tuning.
  3. BDubb106

    Flat after peak power, how to fix?

    Glad you got it sorted. The RMZ was one of the easiest bikes I have ever set up! I miss my 12’... that was a fun bike!
  4. BDubb106

    Trade offer Yamaha for KTM

    I too made the switch to an orange bike this year. I got a 450 but the same basic rules apply in terms of set up and feel for me. A link will help keep the rear planted and in line. I am 6'4 and have run one on just about every bike I have owned. I am also at 108mm of sag in the rear (try this before you spring for a link) which also helped. The forks are nothing short of amazing and I have spent significant time on the SSS stuff being a long time Yamaha guy myself (with a RMZ or two thrown in the mix). Once set up properly they have serious potential. Having said that, it was a nightmare figuring them out as it was my first set of air forks. As for the clutch, at 50 hrs it may be time for some fresh fluid. It makes a drastic difference in feel with the hydraulic systems. I change mine at 20 hrs because I am VERY picky about lever feel. Also make sure they are bled properly. I also hate the stock KTM bend bars. I am running the Honda/Kawi ODI Podiums and love them. I love the feel of a cross bar but want the give of a fat bar... best of both worlds. I moved my shift lever up one notch and have had no issues since and it feels in a more natural position for me. Last but not least, the KTM's do seem vibrate a bit more than any of my recent bikes. As you said, I have gotten used to it and have had no issues since.
  5. BDubb106

    Equip '13 Rmz450f with Rekluse or...

    OK last response to this, I'm sure this is not what the OP wants to read. Lets not add to the story... I NEVER said that. I said they are not ideal but they DO work. If you are primarily an MX guy that still enjoys riding woods and single track for a change of pace, you buy an MX bike and learn to ride it in the woods. The opposite applies if you are a woods guy who likes to take the occasional trip to the track, you buy a woods oriented bike and make it work on the track. Making the necessary adjustments its part of the process unless you want to buy two bikes.
  6. BDubb106

    What do you guys think?

    Not necessarily anything to worry about... many people get 100+ hours without needing a valve adjustment. Proper maintenance goes a long way when getting longevity out of valves.
  7. BDubb106

    2014 450

    What Rot said... reverse bleeding from the caliper is about the only way I have been successful with stubborn brakes. It is surprising how much air can actually be trapped in there.
  8. BDubb106

    Equip '13 Rmz450f with Rekluse or...

    Sure... funny how mine don't, and I know plenty of others who don't have any of those issues. Anyways, I'm done arguing a point that you obviously won't concede. I'll continue to ride and race my 450 in the woods even though it is incapable.
  9. BDubb106

    Equip '13 Rmz450f with Rekluse or...

    To the OP. Stealthy offers a heavy clutch basket that they say works identically to a 9oz. FWW. It should do well with a slight gearing change.
  10. BDubb106

    16 gearing for woods? And any other enduro mods??

    Up 1 or 2 on the rear makes the bike much more manageable. I am not aware of any FWW's avail for this bike but a heavy clutch basket is an option to tame it down. According to Stealthy, they say it works the same as a 9oz. FWW.
  11. BDubb106

    Equip '13 Rmz450f with Rekluse or...

    To each their own... but to say all 250/450 mx bikes will always stall on anything besides quad trails is flat out false. I am not the most talented rider out there but I could lug either bike all day long with no issue what so ever.
  12. BDubb106

    2014 450

    Zuke front brakes are great. Excellent modulation. If you need more power just throw a OS rotor on there and you will have more than enough stopping power.
  13. BDubb106

    2014 rebuild

    Funny enough, I had a stage 3 Yosh motor in my RMZ at one point. That thing was a monster. Ended up selling the head and cams and going a little more mild with the power. It just wasn't fun to ride anymore.
  14. BDubb106

    2009 RMZ450 project

    You can have it remapped and save yourself some coin if you can find someone to do it. Aside from that I have seen quite a few Vortex and PC5 tuners avail used on eBay, Vital, and of course here (although I haven't seen one here recently).
  15. BDubb106

    Equip '13 Rmz450f with Rekluse or...

    Why is this? I ride a 450SXF and prior to that an RMZ450 and I do my fair share of slow technical single track and never stall the bike. Nor do any of the other thousands of people that do both. I had a proper remap and a tps adjustment and all was good, no more flameouts. All I added aside from that was a fan and an oversized tank to make it more trail friendly and have had zero issues. A properly tuned MX bike will do just fine in the woods. It may not be ideal but it works for many. Then I swap tanks and go ride moto.