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  1. Bultaco206

    "latest Pics Of Your Bike Thread"

    Here's my '06 with 351 kit and other assorted junk.
  2. Bultaco206

    I need some help.(near st louis)

    I'm assuming the bike ran before the top end work? Start with the basics and work upward from there...1) make sure you have spark and 2) make sure you have fuel. If you all of a sudden don't have spark since the bike was apart - I'd assume that a bike of that age - you may possibly have broken a wire during assembly/re-assembly. The place to start there is to unhook the kill switch - which, when operating properly, is a known short on purpose. Then check ignition/CDI connections and grounds. (Was the flywheel or stator off during the work? Is ignition timing wrong?) If you have spark, then check your plug to make sure it's wet. If it is - then move on. If not - then try to figure out why. If it's wet and you've kicked a bunch of times - try a new plug and work on your starting technique...1) if choke is on, leave the throttle closed. If still no pop, then close the choke and kick while holding the throttle wide open a few times. Your bike is pretty simple. Take your time, start with the basics, and move up the ladder from there.
  3. Bultaco206

    keithsburg hs 2/27/11

  4. Bultaco206

    Fox Valley off road

    Fox Valley? Hell, I drive all the way from Iowa City to ride there. Great place, nice atmosphere, and I get a lot of riding for my money and travel time. Sure beats a full-on MX track where I'm either flagged off every 20 minutes so the quads can ride - or run over by thumper pilots trying to learn throttle control on either a rutted, over-watered surface...or one that's harder than the highway I came in on. I'll gladly pay a little extra if it means keeping it open and taking care of their customers.
  5. Bultaco206

    keithsburg hs 2/27/11

    Ain't that the truth.
  6. Bultaco206

    keithsburg hs 2/27/11

    I rode the couch. I finally have the sag set on it.
  7. Bultaco206

    DCMX near Dallas City, IL. is a good time

    Yeah Bungle.
  8. Bultaco206

    DCMX near Dallas City, IL. is a good time

    You betcha, big boy.
  9. Bultaco206

    DCMX near Dallas City, IL. is a good time

    That's what she said!
  10. Bultaco206

    DCMX near Dallas City, IL. is a good time

    I'd like to go check it out this summer. I think 110 minutes is optimistic.
  11. Bultaco206

    Went riding today!!!

    MR. BUNGLE...a young, exuberant, racing man!!1!111
  12. Bultaco206

    Went riding today!!!

    I looked at two of my bikes today.
  13. Bultaco206

    WEll Now WHAT!!!

    He doesn't look very shy in those pics on that one website.
  14. Bultaco206

    WEll Now WHAT!!!

    Isn't there some kind of federal funding to make sure that doesn't happen?
  15. Bultaco206

    Iowa city MXers