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  1. AkRider

    North to Alaska?!

    Not on Dirtbikes. But you do have to for ATV's and snowmachines.
  2. AkRider

    River Crossing gone bad

    Which creek? Both me and my friend have dumped our bikes in creeks up here. You'll be fine if it's normal after a few changes.
  3. AkRider

    Learning to ride on a WR450?

    Get the 450 and PM me if you are in the Anchorage area. My buddy and I both have 450's and love them. We ride all most every weekend, but hurray there is only a couplr months left untill winter.
  4. AkRider

    North to Alaska?!

    Bring your bike. There are a bunch of guys on the 2 military bases with bikes and they ride all the time. May to October is the season but a lot of guys stud their tires and ride in the winter. The track in Anchorage is a lot of fun and any one can ride it if there is no racing going on. There is also a few good areas to ride with in an hour of town. Plus there is nothing cooler then riding at midnight with out a light.
  5. AkRider

    2003 WR450F idle speed

    I have never ridden there. I am going to Sutton on Sunday. PM if you want to go.
  6. AkRider

    2003 WR450F idle speed

    Where are you at in Alaska? I am in Eagle River.
  7. AkRider

    lost oil fill plug

    Thanks. I have a reusable one. That sounds like a good idea to flush it a few times.
  8. AkRider

    lost oil fill plug

    I was riding today and looked down and my boot was covered in oil. I immediately shut my bike off and noticed the oil fill plug was missing. I could not find it but I was to pissed off to look that hard. After a 3 mile push back to my truck I loaded it up and took it home. I did not see any oil on the trail as I was walking back. I drained the oil when I got home and there was still a lot of oil in the bike and my magnetic plug did not have any metal chunks on it. I am going to get a new plug tomorrow and see what happens after I put new oil in it. Any had a similar Experience? It's an 03 wr450
  9. AkRider

    Motosportz Stabilizer

    Thats nice looking. How much?
  10. AkRider

    Rekluse Questions...

    Thanks for the info. Now if it was only May so I could ride my bike instead of my snowmobile.
  11. AkRider

    Rekluse Questions...

    Did any of you replace your clutch before you installed the rekluse? I still have the stock clutch in my 03 and I'm going to install a rekluse this spring. Also do any of you ride a track at all? What is it like to jump with a rekluse clutch?
  12. AkRider

    I need WR450 input, good and bad.

    I love my 03 and have had no problems at all. I did do the starter upgrade just in case. The button is a great thing in the woods and if it only has one season on it I would grab it.
  13. I've had mine 2 yrs and still looks new.
  14. AkRider

    03 wr450 seized

    I also run a bit of trany fluid with the first oil change. It helps absorb the water in the oil.
  15. AkRider

    Anyone ever drowned a bike?

    I've done it too and did everthing mxof21 did but I used a 50/50 mix of oil and transmision fuild on the first oil change after I got he bike started. I did not ride it I just ran it on the stand and let it heat up for a couple minutes (5 to 10) and then drained the oil again. The trans fluid well help absorb the water and clean out the engine.