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  1. willie

    New vs Old

    I have owned that same model Honda. You will have no trouble transitioning to any bike you choose. The skills and experience you gain on the XL are fully transferable. Newer bikes will have better suspensions, higher and crappier seats, better brakes and more power but you can't beat the old school Honda for puttering around. Enjoy!
  2. willie

    300 tpi injection oil consumption?

    When you fogged the engine out for storage there will be lots of oil remaining in the engine for starting after storage. Even if you didn't fog it there should be sufficient oil remaining in engine for starting. Oil injected engines use very little oil and this can be unnerving to anyone new to it. In premix engines most of the oil remains suspended in the gas and is carried through the combustion chamber and out the exhaust without ever providing any lubrication.
  3. willie

    Oil smells like fuel?

    Sounds normal to me. When any engine is started up cold, it's normal to get a small amount of gas leak past the rings into the oil. The gas will evaporate after the engine is up to temperature and operating for a while. A very small amount of gas is enough to cause a strong smell.
  4. willie

    2009 Husqvarna SM610 Radiator Fan Issue

    Sounds like your fan relay is stuck. It is fan relay #7 in the enclosed diagram. If the temperature sensor was faulty the fan would run when ignition was on but would stop when ignition was off.
  5. willie


    Actually, I think as soon as you powered up the bike at 10,000 feet the FI module would read the barometric pressure sensor and adjust the mixture accordingly. The only issue would be if you kept the bike running from sea level to 10,000 feet. It would not update unless the bike was shut down and restarted at that elevation. Don't really see it as a big deal! What are the odds of riding through a huge elevation change without stopping for a wee or to have a gawk around.
  6. willie

    CRF250l vs XR650l dual sport

    The crf 250 will not cruise at 75mph and the 650 will be too heavy offroad. However a Suzuki DRZ400S is the same weight as the crf 250, has about the same power as the 650, will cruise at 75mph, is stone reliable and can be had for less than $6000.
  7. willie


  8. willie

    250 four stroke - randoms RPM, hard start

    Carb is probably still dirty. A plugged jet will cause your symptoms. Disassemble and clean each jet orifice to ensure they are clear. Drain gas tank and replace with fresh gas.
  9. If you are looking low maintenance and costs, good fuel economy, and reliability then a recreational 4 stroke such as a Yamaha TTR230 or Honda CRF250F fits the bill. They are low maintenance and will run for years before major rebuilds are required. Competition or "Race" bikes, not so much. Sure the competition 2 and 4t bikes are more powerful and have better suspensions but they are pricier to buy and much costlier to maintain than the play bikes.
  10. willie

    Spark plug crystals on insulator?

    Jack Frost was breathing heavy as he was admiring your bike.
  11. willie


    Quite possible! Snowmobile owners ran into lots of problems years ago when using premix oil in oil injection systems. Probably should be using snowmobile injector oil in the KTMS when really cold. We used to keep a bottle of premix oil in the freezer to show customers its pour characteristics when cold.
  12. willie


    A two stroke engine with premix and a carburetor, whether it be piston port, reed valve or rotary valve is extremely inefficient and hydrocarbon emissions are through the roof. In order for them to survive they will have to be oil and fuel injected ( most likely direct). Without it, they will be extinct in the near future!
  13. willie

    Tacoma big enough?

    I guess I will have to keep an eye on my Girley Tacoma tailgate. Quite often I run my quad up a set of ramps laid on the tailgate into the box for transport after hunting. The quad is 500+lbs with four quarters of moose meat 500+lbs and me 200+ lbs. for a total of 1200+ lbs. No bends yet but I will be careful if I have to load anything heavier. The bed tiedowns (not the box perimeter ones) are still solid. I use them to tie down the quad and moose.
  14. willie

    Gear Range Indicator?

    According to https://www.gearingcommander.com/ the indicator end point roughly corresponds with 6000 rpm in each gear. Check it out. Lots of great info there.
  15. willie

    Gear Range Indicator?

    I guess you mean maximum power not redline.