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    Bike is nearly all original, I estimate less than 20 hours on it. Nothing bent or any issues. Full disclosure, the owner is a long time friend of mine, he doesn't have the title, it's in with some student loans, so I'm not sure when or if the title will be available. Asking $3000 or reasonable offer, might consider trades. Located in southern Ohio.


  2. jeffro667



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    Bike has 50 hours by a


    Jackson , Ohio - US

  3. I purchased a yz250f engine, along with some other things. Not sure what year, 14-17. I tried Google, but no luck. Thanks in advance.

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    The head is damaged, everything else is in great condition. Nearly new hot rods crank. Carb and electrics are available as well. I can re-assemble the bottom end, and sell complete if wanted. Either message me here, or text seven four zero 577 six three one six for prices on individual parts. Listed price is for the complete bottom end.


    Jackson, Ohio - US

  5. jeffro667

    Honda Ridgeline

    That particular dealership is one of the worst I've ever tried to buy from, they had a killer deal advertised on a new Transit van, I go there, and they start higher than the price in the ad. When I balk at that, they say that price is with EVERY incentive that Ford offered. Obviously, no one will qualify for every one. Then, they offered lower than trade in value on my really nice trade, so, moral of the story, don't waste your time there.
  6. Thank you. They are custom, Eric at mxgraphics.co did them for me.
  7. jeffro667

    Honda Ridgeline

    Yes, but the lifted truck/Tapout decal crowd don't think you're cool, lol. Really bothers me too lol. Enjoy your good riding, easy on gas bike hauler!
  8. jeffro667

    Honda Ridgeline

    That's what you need to do George, drive one, I had an 11 Dakota quad cab 4x4 v8 before, the ridgeline smokes it in every category but towing. It still tows more than I ever need to. The height of the bed floor is the biggest drawback that I've found with it.
  9. jeffro667

    2017 Toyota Tacoma?

    Awd, my previous truck was an 11 Dakota quad cab 4x4 v8, I liked the truck, but I could only average 17 mpg combined with it. The Ridgeline drives and handles much better, heck, it even runs better. The Dakota had about a 2000lb heavier tow rating, but I never tow anything that heavy anyway. I really intended to buy a new cargo van, but I drove the Ridgeline, and really was impressed.
  10. jeffro667

    2017 Toyota Tacoma?

    Combined, no Honda bikes for me, if KTM, or Yamaha made a truck, I would have preferred that lol.
  11. jeffro667

    2017 Toyota Tacoma?

    Sure you can, the bed is the same length as the other mid size crew cab trucks. It drives great, and gets 23mpg, I love mine.
  12. If anyone is interested, I just posted a really nice Dakota for sale in the classifieds, it's in south central Ohio. Thanks.
  13. jeffro667

    Help - lost rim lock nut

    8mm x 1.25 thread pitch.