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  1. Bobjitsu

    mrd vs fmf mega bomb

    My kid rode his CRF150R this weekend with the MRD for the first time, I'd buy it again for 2x the price.
  2. Bobjitsu

    Hey MRD Dave!

    I will. BTW, I installed the pipes I ordered from you for that CRF450 and CRF150 a couple weeks ago and both bolted up without a hitch. This Saturday we will be able to ride them for the first time. Can't wait.
  3. Bobjitsu

    Hey MRD Dave!

    How do I go about ordering these graphics.....
  4. Bobjitsu

    white bros exhausts?

    I bought the MRD and installed it yesterday...it was easy and the bike sounds awesome.
  5. Bobjitsu

    What's the difference in MRD exhast?

    Thanks guys. I just called Dave and ordered up one for my CRF150R and CRF450R, Dave gave me a deal on the sparky, quiet core AND threw in shipping. Can't ask for more than that!
  6. From the standard and the Procomp?
  7. Bobjitsu

    YES ! Totaly new CRF450 for 2009 !

    If those 3 things are gonna be on the '09's I'm glad I got an '08.
  8. Bobjitsu

    Paid off.Yea babe!

    I financed a '07 CRF450R and an '08 CRF150R a few months ago. I got 3.9% from Honda and it is a 36 month loan. Even though the payments are under $200 I send in $500 on each bike to get them paid off fast.
  9. Bobjitsu

    Where to find 150r Xyience Graphics

    http://www.fludesigns.com/Honda.html# Pretty sweet looking.
  10. Bobjitsu

    Spark arrestor for a 07 CRF450R

    Thanks Bro.
  11. Bobjitsu

    Spark arrestor for a 07 CRF450R

    Is the PMB spark arrestor end cap stamped with the USFS legal stuff so if I get stopped I can prove it is a sparky?
  12. Bobjitsu

    Starting a crf450r when hot

    My '07 starts with the hot start lever on the first kick everytime.
  13. Bobjitsu

    Break In

    I bought my son the 150 expert a month ago and the first time he rode it he broke his tibia, he can't wait to try again though.
  14. I haven't ridden in 10 years but I used to ride 125's and 250's. I bought a CRF450R 2 weeks ago and will be riding it for the first time tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think.