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  1. Karlgp

    C 200 vs Jr Class

    I think at 16 the C200 class is the one for you. A harescramble is an endurance event as well as a speed thing. Make sure you can go for 1-1/2 to 2 hours at speed and you'll do fine! The KDX has an advantage in that I bet you won't need to stop for gas.
  2. I washed my bike last year, I'll probably wash it again next year. If you want to wash your bike after every ride and spend some time shining parts up, have at it. If you want to come ride, I'm ready to go, dirty bike and all.
  3. Karlgp

    Kinda Sad

    It's easy, don't ask. I avoid "legal" riding areas because once you have been granted permission you have also allowed that permission to be taken away. There are a couple of riding areas here inthe National Forest system that have rules, rules and more rules. Near my house is 600 acres of wasteland. That is where I ride, mostly. We've put in 20 miles of singletrack over the last 15 years or so. At some point it will be developed, then I'll change my tune. Google Earth, a quiet exhaust, good behavior and a review of your counties tax records can find tracts of land owned by banks, schools and lumber companies. Stay out of sight and behave yourself and maintain your sport. Don't just lay down and take it! Who here has last cut any new single track? Where do you think it comes from? If you are an MX only knd of guy I can't help you much.
  4. Karlgp

    Could this be damaging?

    I don't rush either I do it the right way and I have always had the motors I work on run. You guys are just too immature and think just because I 15 year old puts in helpful info that he dose not know what he is doing. I'm 15 and more mature than you guys. It's pathetic. You're not crying, are you?
  5. Karlgp

    Dealer Used Bikes - Yay or Nay?

    A dealer used bike will usually be more than a private sale. It is just as much a crap shoot as buying private, I imagine. When I buy private or used from a dealer I do not expect any kind of warranty. The selling price should reflect that. I once bought a KDX with a blown motor from a dealer for $98.00. The owner brought it in for repair and then decided he did not want to fix it. The dealer charged me what he had into it.
  6. Karlgp

    2013 kx 2 strokes BE READY !

    If Kawy brought back the KDX and put it in a KX frame and could keep the price under 5K they would make a killing. i bought a new 220 for $3500 in 2003. That model would be very competitive in the woods.
  7. I always look at these business ventures from the customers point of view. Am I really adding value to a raw material? If I am I can make a money if my costs in adding value aren't too high. Simple example - a guy has access to a big pile of clay. With labor and materials he can make bricks. If he can sell the bricks, minus costs, and come out a little ahead, it is all good. Parting out bikes - Way more complex. A couple of times when I was looking for parts, I found the used parts dealers did not add any value, in my opinion. I was better off buying new or finding what I needed locally or buying a whole trashed bike and giving away what I did not need. I'm NOT saying it is a bad idea. I'm just suggesting looking carefully at what you ADD for the customer as well as costs.
  8. When I did my KDX/CR hybrid I cared not a bit about paint, color, or plastics. I worked the hardware and got it rideable, planning to worry about paint, color and plastics later. Once i got it running I was way more concerned about ergonomic issues and tuning the suspension than paint, color and plastics. I figured I'd fix the cosmetic stuff once I got the handling straightened out. Today the bike runs and rides great. It still looks like sh!t. I'm just saying......
  9. In my opinion the first step to getting a "riding area" closed is asking permission. The second step is riding like a jacka$$ with a loud pipe. The last thing I want to see happening around here is "government approved riding areas" popping up. As soon as that happens the assumption is made that if you are not riding on a "government approved riding area" you are riding illegally. If you can't see me or here me, I'm not there.
  10. Karlgp

    Dirt bike in town?

    I used to roll up the road a couple of hundred yards from my apartment to the trails. I would slip my helmet over the left grip, sit side saddle, and idle along up the road. Never had any problems, and had the police go by more than once. I think the trick is behave like a gentleman. The cops usually have more important things to do. (like keeping an eye on the sasquatchsuzuki brothers!)
  11. Karlgp

    KDX issues again

    You ought to replace that "carb top little brass thing" because your throttle cable will get frayed, dropping bits of wire here and there, jamming up your slide. They don't all break, just the first one when an owner jams the throttle tube against the petcock. As I recall, it was not an expensive part. There is a plastic bit that goes in the slide under the spring. It can be tricky to get that sitting down properly.
  12. Stock with bark busters will work fine. I'm always more concerned about being in shape to ride at speed for 2+ hours.
  13. I'm thinking an XR400 fits the requirements pretty good.
  14. Karlgp

    marvels mystery oil

    I like the way it smells. Takes me back to the '70's and my CT-70