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  1. BadBird69

    Anybody ride one of these?

    .......Its because chickenshits like you cannot ride worth a dam !!... just like my spellin..... They dont make them because simple minded people let the goverment take them away!!......
  2. BadBird69

    Frame input (pic)

    ....wait....this is a 2005 pic....what the hell???
  3. BadBird69

    Frame input (pic)

    The color of the bike ....ok The color of the frame...ok The two together....not so good. In the future, ask your wife how to mix and match colors!
  4. BadBird69

    85 restoration project!

    It fits here!! Nice atc! My daughter had one of these...it was blue though..not sure what year....long live the ATC...screw the libs that got them shut down.
  5. BadBird69

    What bike for me ?

    Yes....I had an '05 that I used an '04 XR400 head gasket on. Also an XR250 cdi works better than the stock unit as it does not have a reverse rev limiter and has a steeper timing curve....oh..and about 900 rpm more on the top end.
  6. BadBird69

    What bike for me ?

    ..The EX is a great wheeler...a little uner powered but, one of the best wheelers ever made. (whats up w/the proactive ad?) and zappos now??...wow!!...not the same guys that were wanting a talk forum....I guess...
  7. BadBird69

    What bike for me ?

    ....Well...to me it doesnt really matter. I own an '07 700 with some mods..pipe, intake, cam, controler. My son has an '09 YFZ-R with an MSD controler, slip-on...it does not have a cam or intake but, the motor is more of a high preformance unit. Both are excelent dune machines with the 700 able to pull you out of most any situation from a stand still and the 450 a better jumper and carver. Long dune rides....both the same imo...just my .02 ......
  8. BadBird69

    What bike for me ?

    ....."Craptor" really kid??...nothing origanil to say? Actually the Raptor is probably the best choice for his situation. Other than the small gas tank it is just fine at the dunes and anywhere else for that matter. One of the biggest myths is that it is top heavy, my belief is that these riders simply do not know how to ride. ........Craptor.......pa-leaze...LOL...
  9. BadBird69

    keep my bike or get a raptor

    LOL....sheep Do ride bikes! Why limit yourself?? Ride them all!!
  10. BadBird69

    2012 Yamaha YFZ 450R

    My son has an '09 with the MSD controler, Moto-works slip-on and 13 tooth(to give it a little more grunt) front sprocket. Sweet, sweet machine! It rides every bit as well as my '07 raptor. IMO it would be a hard bike to beat if you are set on a qaud.
  11. Me thinks Ridgerunner does not like the fact that american pie's vids got some responces!!!... ..."actual skill"...really??...post up your vids...13...
  12. BadBird69

    Quad Wars video

    Looks like fun....The intro was funny as hell. Gotta love the torque of the Raptor.
  13. BadBird69

    Southwesternmx Hare + Hound 1

    Cool vid!!... Its nice to see that I'm not the only one that sucks at riding...
  14. Pretty Cool vid.....did i see some "Pro Wedge" tires??