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  1. Redlined

    Frame interchangeability for kickstand?

    I put a Pro Billet kickstand on my 02, years later I moved to an 05 CR and noticed they had specific part numbers for 3rd gen CR's. The 02 stand fit my 05 just fine. Not sure what the difference would be.
  2. Redlined

    showa inner damper front fork CRF into CR?

    You could check the part numbers for fork sliders and tubes on those 2 models, as far as I am aware they should be the same. Only the internals should differ between CR / CRFx
  3. Personally I wouldn't waste any time with the 01-03 TMX, I'd go 38mm PWK A/S, or perhaps the 04-07 TMX with disconnected TPS. Not sure what fitment issues you'd have running the shorter 04+ TMX though.
  4. TPS is one difference. They redesigned the slide shape on the later TMX's, the earlier slides are rectangle shaped like a matchbox and use a longer carb body length (95mm?). The 04+ TMX has a shorter body (75mm?) and a D-shaped slide. I suspect the slide design has more to do with the improved performance of the later TMX than the TPS. My experience is the 01-03 TMX are very finicky and lack the throttle response the PWK offers. My 05 TMX runs well with similar throttle response as the PWK I ran on my 02 CR, which was a huge improvement to the 02 TMX. I have a new TPS type PWK, but have not tried it yet.
  5. As I recall the TT store had pretty good pricing on the JD kitted PWK carbs, or order an OEM '00 CR250 carb. I was never happy with the way my 02 CR ran until I went with the PWK, the TMX on my 05 runs really well. They use completely different slides designs, the matchbox slide TMX used in 02/03 is crap (IMO).
  6. Redlined

    Engine swap

    No CR250 will bolt directly into your '98 CR125 frame, with enough surgery I suppose it's possible. You'll be miles ahead to sell the 125 and buy what you want
  7. Redlined

    2002-2004 CR250's any good?

    I suggest you go to the trouble of actually riding these bikes and decide for yourself. I don't feel 02+ CR's power is "lazy", I would describe it as linear. like Shrubitup, I also find it works really well for woods riding. Personally I feel the 3rd gen CR is a great package, best in class reliability, build quality, ergo's, brakes and handling. I rode an 02 CR for many years and now have an 05, not a big difference IMO.
  8. Redlined

    Best Goggles - Visibility

    Goggles are like helmets, what fits me may not fit best for you. Important to try goggles with your helmet, I have a problem with some fitting too high on my nose. 100% works good for me
  9. Redlined

    Looking At The Rekluse Z-Start Pro-Have Questions

    I have only used the Z-pro so I have no basis for which is better, but I am completely satisfied with the performance and durability of the Z-pro. I've beat the crap out of it for 6 years in my 250, not one issue. I'm impressed enough I bought one for my 500af, it's going in as soon as I get a new basket. The Rekluse guys get thumbs-up for customer service too, they answer their phone and don't mind explaining the products.
  10. Redlined

    03 crf 450r to a cr500

    I would also check into the 500 forums, lots of info and builds to check out. I had planned to build one myself, but found my 500af 5 hours away. I'm generally faster on my 250, but the 500 sure is a fun 2nd bike.
  11. I use the Maxima quick 2 mix, does same job as ratio rite but has a lid
  12. Redlined

    vintage honda works bikes, any favs?

    Johnny O'mara's 1980 Mugen ME125 stands out to me.
  13. Redlined

    handguards pros and cons

    Only downside to the rigid handguards is potentially trapping your hand/wrist going over the bars.
  14. Redlined

    handguards pros and cons

    Come ride the Pacific NW, you'll get the picture pretty fast. Our day is typically spent rallying through dense trees big enough to stop your pickup, which we often miss by fractions of an inch. You get even a little off line and you will graze them, or worse. We use guards like Billz posted above, and they work well here. Can't remember the last time I smashed my fingers, broke a lever, or tore a grip, the guards more or less eliminates those things.