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  1. Gotlabs

    VCHSS Race #4 Blue Ridge trail beta please

    There are always no shows at enduros. They will have a lottery type drawing. For the vacant spots. Show up Sunday morning and you will probably get a spot.
  2. Gotlabs

    VCHSS Race #4 Blue Ridge trail beta please

    The enduro is no longer a time keeping format. You start on your minute (row number) and ride as fast as you can to the next check. No penalty for being early, get there early and take a break. Think of each section in an enduro as a mini hare scramble, the C class races the shortest course by not completing as many sections as B and A. Otherwise all three classes race the same course. Oak Ridge terrain is some of the best in VA, and the promoter always has a great race. It will be epic, and those that miss it will regret it.
  3. Gotlabs

    Riding my XR650 from sarasota florida to ashville sc..

    Take 17 to 321 and figure it out from there.
  4. Gotlabs

    VCHSS Race #4 Blue Ridge trail beta please

    Blue Ridge is a fast race.
  5. Gotlabs

    Wambaw Cycle Trail Update

    Looks like we won't make it on down there this trip.
  6. Gotlabs

    Wambaw Cycle Trail Update

    Anyone riding Dec 28-30?
  7. Gotlabs

    first Husqvarna... where can I get parts?

    Wilmington powersports, great place but you have to call them.
  8. Gotlabs

    Exhaust packing bad for health?

    Yes, you will eventually die......will it be from the exhaust packing inhalation? I can't answer that......sorry I couldn't help myself.
  9. Gotlabs

    96 WXC 250 with 15 hours

    The pipe looks like the modern day WR's.
  10. Gotlabs

    What's up w/ Fiolek?

    I didnt "think" anything, I merely asked a question. The answer to which is apparently unknown......although seeing a picture of her (supposedly her anyways) on a Kawasaki sporting the #1 plate is pretty convincing.
  11. Gotlabs

    What's up w/ Fiolek?

    Ok, let me elaborate.. Has anyone heard anything about Ashley Fiolek riding for Kawasaki in 13? Not a hybrid motorcycle, I figured "going green" was pretty evident seeing as "team green" leans toward Kawasaki not al gore. My bad for not being clearer in what I was asking, I will be sure to be more thorough with questions in the future.
  12. Gotlabs

    Patella Femoral surgery

    Update......I had the surgery 5 Dec, still dealing with slight swelling and instability and lack of flexibility. The initial surgery was only to clean scar tissue from the joint, but he released it once inside and saw uneven wear and excessive tightness of the tendon. The ortho surgeon had discussed the procedure with me and made it known that he is not a big fan of it due to the slim chance that it will not fix anything. I clearly understood that this may not fix anything, but I was progressively getting worse.
  13. Gotlabs

    What's up w/ Fiolek?

    Any news on her going green this season?
  14. Gotlabs

    Considering WR250/300

    Great bikes, motors are strong and contingency in 13 is gonna be good!
  15. 2012 BMW GSA 2013 Husky TXC 310 plated 2013 Husky TXC 310 plated - for my daughter On top of the bikes I currently own of course.