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  1. DR250T4

    Saw some bikes getting impounded!

    What did you get stopped for? I have seen dnr set up on the corner there by lost pines checking for registration and trail permits, but not too much else around there
  2. DR250T4

    Ford "Raptor"

    It's all good but the grille, but i'll bet it hauls a$$
  3. DR250T4

    sled pics

    New pic with 4" riser block, stock huge bar pad off , handguards, and stomp grips
  4. DR250T4

    sled pics

    That's a good looking sled Heres Mine 00 ZR500 Here she is sitting in front of my truck waiting to be put away And some pics of me riding in the "Snirt"
  5. you might need to have a certain # of posts to post a pic,
  6. DR250T4

    Ice racing setup

    I wonder if using the "V" pattern like with snowmobile studs would be the way to go, Just make sure it's not "V'd" the wrong way Kinda like this but to determine how many studs, you need to account for rotating mass and engine/tire size as well
  7. DR250T4

    You Tube Channels

    http://www.youtube.com/user/94blazerS10 here ya go, no quad vids yet though
  8. DR250T4

    Suzuki Good Deal?

    $1950 for an 03 LTZ 400 is that a decent price? anything to lookout for on that quad?
  9. How much does one of those run? i've been looking for some sort of camper like that for a while
  10. DR250T4

    New Prowler

    Here's a link to the Prowler http://arcticcat.com/prowler/field.asp?category=PROWLER&model=PROWLERXTZ1000
  11. DR250T4

    ArcticCat New Prowler

    Anyone see the new prowler? anyone have one? how do you like it, and how does it compare to other Side-X-Sides?
  12. Hi Ron, welcome to ATVtalk, hopefully you'll find all the info you need here
  13. Caddy, The VW is sweet!!! good looking trucks from all of you so far, keep posting
  14. Thanks man, but i want to see other peoples too (hint hint)