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  1. rebelbanshee

    Atlanta SX track map

    Hopefully no one takes the first left
  2. rebelbanshee

    Lowering 2013 pds

    On my 08 and 09s, i lowered the rear suspension a half inch and it helped the handling big time. I now have a 2013 with no link. I have not ridden it yet, but have to take shock apart. Should i put a lowering spacer in while i have it apart?
  3. How do you make the m5 thread seal? Just teflon tape?
  4. rebelbanshee

    Older silencer on 2013

    I know older pipes fit on newer frames as long as pipe and silencer match. I just put the system off my 09 onto a 13 frame. The pipe fits, not quite as nice as on my 09, but i think pipe fitment can be crap shoot. The main problem i have is the mount bushings on the silencer. It has the aluminum bushings and the front one is a very tight fit between the subframe and backside of number plate. I had to trim the hole so the bushing could protrude through. Is this normal for this application or is something whack?
  5. rebelbanshee

    2008 KTM 200 shock compatibility

    This was the easiest way to get you the pics, i have technology problems!
  6. rebelbanshee

    2008 KTM 200 shock compatibility

    I have a 2008 shock that will work if you are interested. Send me a pm.
  7. rebelbanshee

    Glen Helen MX OFF the 2019 National Schedule?

    Longer track means more tv cameras and time crunch for the tv schedual. Also the ama has nothing to do with it.
  8. rebelbanshee

    Acerbis 3.0 vs stock xc tank

    I am going to upgrade my 09 200 to a 13 frame. Im looking for a gas tank right now. Stock 2.6 tank wont be enough for a two hour race, but i know it will be narrow. The acerbis, three gallon will have the capacity i want, but im worried about how much wider it will be. I dont do alot of races so if the tank will be extra wide, its not worth it to me. Would appreciate any input.
  9. rebelbanshee

    2007 200xcw fork noise

    Had the same experience on a friends bike. Turns out the steering stem nut was not tight so the bearings had a little play
  10. rebelbanshee

    KTM 200 XC-W

    Previous owner prob just putted around and it got loaded up. I wouldnt worry about it.
  11. rebelbanshee

    Baja Design Squadron Sport LED

    Yes, AC output from stock stator. You can get a bridge rectifier for a few bucks and have decent DC output. I have put one on a friends bike using a 54w light and it pulses at low RPM, but otherwise works great. I have not done it, but I think a small capacitor could be wired in to reduce/stop this. This would be the cheapest way. If you want no compromised night domination, you cant beat a floated ground or Trail Tech stator mated to a battery. Full output at all RPM and lights stay on if you stall. You will also need a new voltage regulator/rectifier to do this. Definitely more expensive, especially if you have an older bike with no battery. Baja Designs has the best customer service out there.
  12. The angled caliper surface will cause the caliper to flex more that one that is square. You can put a ktm master on your bike. Will need the ktm banjo bolt and master.
  13. rebelbanshee

    What do you guys do when putting your bikes away for the winter?

    I wash it so i can work on it, but nothing else. Never had promlems with the fuel from sitting
  14. rebelbanshee

    HACK: Better seal between your pipe and silencer

    Using a zip tie on the old style gets the job done also.
  15. rebelbanshee

    So...... ET?

    This why our top guys sit it out. Dont go get bitched at, go and have a bad race, get bitched at.