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  1. I'm not sure exactly on overhang. I'm guessing 25".
  2. I have a Arctic fox and I would like to haul my sx. I have a 18" extension and it's still under my bumper 7". Is there a carrier extension combo that works for you guys.
  3. Because some people don't want to be in a cult or change their wardrobe to exclusive powerwear.
  4. humpness


    Hey Mikey! That 12 is so damn good. As you know I sold my 12 and I have been running the 300sx. The 300 is fun but man it's a chore for me to dial in for specific riding types. Woods one day, tight home track the next, maybe a open dunie/dirt stuff, then a faster outdoors track. Fuel injection is nice for that! The 4cs is shitty but you can mod it with a small budget. I would not be the beta tester for the new aer fork. I rode a 16 450 and 350sxf. They were awesome except for forks. Bottom line is the Suzuki package will someday be improved enough to warrant an upgrade but for now the 12 is good as it gets and that includes all 15s. The weight talk is a black eye to Suzuki but does it really feel heavy riding it? The power as for Dyno numbers are not impressive but do you really need more? Are you doing wheelies with quads and racing on paved roads? The chassis is always going to feel rigid and who knows may never be a bike that is going to be the most comfortable in the nasties. There's a brand that is good for stability. There's a brand for turning. There's a brand(s) for motor. There's a brand for suspension. There's a brand for ride ability. I've never ridden a new rmz. I think out of the box I'm willing to bet rmz and yzf are the best in stock form with the least amount of accessories needed. Get ahold of me sometime to bullshit.
  5. humpness

    Lets see your backyard tracks!

    Thanks man. I've thought about making it bigger but really it's just a backyard track. If I keep focusing on what I got and making it better I'll have a better track in the "end". Before the rhythm section I took a few whoops out before the double. I'm racking my brain what to do with it now since its just a small double that you have to check up for now. I'm sick of doubles. There is a hip jump that you can't see in the video and its small but it's probably the most fun of all except for the jump before the whoops I guess. Just keep adding dirt is the name of the game.
  6. humpness

    Lets see your backyard tracks!

    Damn nice tracks fellas! Weather has been good last two weeks been riding. http://youtu.be/Q8QKKbSiacA
  7. humpness

    Yamaha YZ450F (2007)


    Loved this bike
  8. humpness

    Yamaha YZ450F 2007

    Loved this bike
  9. Boner error
  10. humpness

    KTM 300 SX (1992)


    Getting dialed
  11. humpness

    KTM 300 SX 1992

    Getting dialed
  12. humpness

    Just ordered my 16 150sx

    It really lost 10#? I didn't read the mxa but I thought it was 4-5. Maybe what I read it was 4-5 with the motor?
  13. humpness

    2015 Straight Rhythm Link

    Is there a way to rewind it if you start a bit late on redbull tv?
  14. I didn't realize that I didn't buy the normal blue stuff. Is it much different? Can you feel the difference?
  15. humpness

    Real world pipe tests 300s

    Well said. If we can just report what we notice in difference compared to stock that would be good info. Myself, i really don't need the bike to be faster. There are other brands of pipes too that we are not mentioning.