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  1. xplant

    Redesigned 2015 KXF's

    Why worry about new? You pay a premium for untested hardware. You spend another $3000 getting it perfect for you. Get last years model at a dealer that is still in the crate and save some money. Plus, all of the needed aftermarket products are already available.
  2. xplant

    Kxf 250 for woods bike

    I have a 2011 kx250f woods bike. Its easy to race front of the pack. It finishes on the top box consistantly. Getting a "woods" model instead just doesnt make sense. I made mine a 300 and its just plain crazy light and very hard to beat. To each his own, but can stand behind the kx250f because i own and race one.
  3. xplant

    Tumbled gears?

    http://www.rocktumblers.com/rock-tumblers/rotary-rock-tumblers/lortoneqt66rotaryrocktumbler12lbcapacity.cfm I have the largest tumblers they make. They are soft rubber and when used with super fine grits and above - they leave an amazing finish - on plain old rock. Imagine what it will do to a gear. I may just take the tranny apart soon.
  4. xplant

    What brand of Big Bore kit is this? Wiseco?

    It's not a Thumper Racing BBK. I have it in 300cc and it's the OEM cyl sleeved with an aluminum liner.
  5. xplant

    Woods setup?

    Lightspeed makes a very nice glide plate. It can make an odd echo rattle sound in the tight stuff, and it can be broken, but I've been very happy with the full carbon plate so far.
  6. xplant

    Woods setup?

    I have no idea what the point is...but ok.
  7. xplant

    2011 head rebuild

    I agree. As much as I'd love to own every tool to rebuild every aspect of the bike - it just isn't economically sound to buy the tools to rebuild heads when only maintain bikes for the three of us.
  8. xplant

    Woods setup?

    It's instant and perfect for the woods especially with a rekluse. Locking up front and back from 3rd gear pinned in tight single track - to a stop, turn 90 degrees and pinned again, no clutch - no stall - no time lost - blowing away the folks that aren't setup the same. Already have a cold beverage in your hand as second place rolls accross the finish line many minutes later - priceless.
  9. xplant

    No compression in kickstart kx250f 2011

    If my '11 had the same symtoms- i'd look for the following 6 things: 1. V 2. A 3. L 4. V 5. E 6. S
  10. xplant

    Hiatal Hernia

    A long history of alcohol ingestion, dark stool and frank bleeding in vomit needs to be worked up by your healthcare provider. A hernia would be lower on the list if differentials, but you need to be seen to rule out other (more likely) sources of bleeding.
  11. xplant

    spondylolisthesis ( back pain)

    I discuss back pain and alternatives for a living. Please take the time to listen to the folks that tell you to "watch and wait". So many times people want surgery and the cure is worse that the problem. I recommend that people deal with pain and find ways to manage that without surgery. If they lose motor function - we go to surgery. I just see so much lifelong misery in people that wanted surgery - and got it. You have to be careful what you ask for. Remember, once we start cuting into flesh - it will never be anywhere near as good as it was when you were born. If we fuse spine levels - we just shift the problem upwatds and downwards. Good luck - just get all of the information you can and make surgery the very last thing on your list.
  12. xplant

    2011 KX 250 Wont kick over

    TPS is a POS. I took a brand new one out of a bag, put it on - and no idle. What a joke. I knoow these bikes are expensive to have fun with - I get that -I have $$$$ mods and like the bike. But come on with the dang TPS. It shouldnd't cost me a couple hundred bucks here and there to get the stupid thing to run. whatta POS TPS.
  13. xplant

    Woods setup?

    too many mods to list, but it makes a heck of a woods weapon. Make it a 300cc when you get tired of it and start looking for new bikes. Mine is very fast, very nimble, and has been very sucessful. oh, why in the world would I add weight to the rotating mass? I'm always looking for better, faster, lighter response - adding weight to the flywheel - counterproductive. Core EXP is the way to go if stalling is the problem.
  14. xplant

    2011 Kx250f , Has Spark, Not starting

    I had a bad TPS delivered fresh from the factory. Expensive paperweight - and not heavy enough to be a very good one of those.
  15. or wash it out - that's what the spark plug drain hole is for.