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    cheers taffy

    just a quick thanks to taffy for pulling me outa that rut at whaddon at the weekend. I managed to find a much bigger one to get stuck in later in the race [for about 15 minutes] when's the next race? i managed an impressive last place finish in my class,,,,[bugger],,,,,think i need a flywheelwieght,,,softer suspension,,,steering damper,,,,,new tires,,,,some riding skill etc,,,,,etc,,,,
  2. Sandracer_uk

    Grip Glue

    ive tried renthal glue [total pants] best stuff ive found is 3m spray mount from art shops and a few twists of wire [tho i dont think the wire is really needed] spray both the bars and grips
  3. Sandracer_uk


    "GADZOOKS''.......it works
  4. Sandracer_uk

    UK Practice tracks

    hey Taffy im at that race 2,[number 154] i share both your worrys plus a few more ,,namely 1] its my first race and im scared 2] hope my wrist holds out [broke it on the day the first waddon race was cancelled] 3] after that crash ive lost my bottle a bit apart from that,,,,,''BRING IT ON'' ps,,, any idea on the lay out of waddon ,,wot shud i expect,,, ?? ------------------ "when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"
  5. Sandracer_uk

    Hare Scramblers - Please help

    renthal fat bars/protapers and acerbis rally pro guards simple realy ------------------ "when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"
  6. Sandracer_uk

    Talc and Blisters

    just a thought,,, i used to work in a photo lab and we used cotton gloves for negative handling at the time i used to wear em under leather gloves for road ridding these things cost pennys so maybe worth a look
  7. Sandracer_uk

    injured list?

    haha i didnt realise we where posting old injuries too,,,, last year i broke my tail bone [ damn them whoops] and also bust my right knee up at the same time... but gimme a broken bone as opposed to a trapped under bike, header pipe burn anytime i hope no one thinking of taking up dirt biking reads this forum,,, we will put em off for life how many of us worry about the risks? i personally worry about em a lot,,,,,,till i hear the thunderous noise from my exhuast... then its just red mist all the way ------------------ "when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"
  8. Sandracer_uk

    injured list?

    well for my part i have a newly pinned broken wrist,, very weak rode on it again for the first time in months a few weeks back,,, dropped the bike ,,,header pressed against my leg and wrist was too weak to lift the bike off me,,, result, pair of burnt fox360's and a deep burn on my leg that looks like something from an evil dead film,,, they say that header gets to 600degrees,,, AND I BELIEVE EM. roll on sunday,,,riding day ------------------ "when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"
  9. Sandracer_uk

    FrontBrake Cable Routing Question

    i found that running the cable between the clips then drilling a small hole in each plastic clip and routing a single strand of safty wire looks fine
  10. Sandracer_uk

    injured list?

    was just wondering how many of us are currently on the injured list?
  11. Sandracer_uk

    help please?

    Ive seen the pics of 426's with the 2-stroke 250 back ends on,,, ie side panals,, air box etc just wonder if anyone knows if the 250 seat would then fit? has anyone done this conversion?,, or know anything about it? thanks in advance
  12. Sandracer_uk

    KTM 520 EXC

    its interesting whay you say about the ktm,,, imho the best bike ive ridden so far has been a 2001 vor501, as new comes very highly specced ohlins etc loadsa power,, wonderful to ride,,, just needs the leccy button,,, then i'd be unable to resist as fot the ktm,,,,,well theres only so much orange a race track can stand ------------------ "when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"
  13. Sandracer_uk

    which riding boots do you wear?

    spose it depends what fits you i tried tech 8's and found them to narrow gearne boots have been by far the most comfy boots ive tried,,,, also not been tech 8's im not paying over the odds to fund top ridders sponsorship ------------------ "when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"
  14. Sandracer_uk


    thanks,,hows the engine compare ,,im sure its not as revvy,,anyone have experiance?
  15. Sandracer_uk

    I've turned to the Dark Side

    CRD in europe do queite pipes