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  1. crfdaddy


    the n3ch is 1/2 clip leaner than n3eh also i run a 162 mj mabe a 160 mj if it is above 80-85 degrees btw 08 300 xcw
  2. crfdaddy

    Pro Circuit R304 Shorty Muffler

    yes it will fit no problem
  3. crfdaddy

    08 300xc seat removal

    it is a 8mm bolt head located under the the rear fender in the center, also all you have to do in the power reduction is un plug the wire connection that should be under the fuel tank on the left side that is the map switch wire it comes in the aggressive mode from the factory, all you need to do is unplug it.
  4. crfdaddy

    used 250 f

    hey guys i am in the market for a used not abused 250 f what are the good years 05 or newer ?
  5. crfdaddy

    suzuki dealer

    honda suzuki of lynchburg,va. 434-847-1276 cheers
  6. crfdaddy

    Baron Von Beard AP mod question...

    if i remember i bought a acellerater pump diaphram for a crf 250 05 i think also ktm has a shorter rivet on the diaphram as well. 90 leak jet hard wired the linkage behind the throttle wheel and adjust the squirt where it was about 1/2 second missed the slide. its been a couple years but got it from lots of help from redbeard and jimbo and others thanks. still have the bike haven't rode it since last spring
  7. crfdaddy

    Figure Out Spring Rating

    that 225 is that in street clothes or with all the gear on, also sometimes the aftermarket springs don't have those marks on them and they could of valved it different for the springs that they used
  8. crfdaddy

    fastway hand guards?

    where can you get the lowest price on the fastway fit system, also can you use the cycra pro bends with just the fast way mount? i hate to be picky but i only want to do this once. thanks john
  9. crfdaddy

    low tranny fluid noise

    i usally run 100 cc more than what is stamped on the side cover on the tranny side. the big round allen reset screw as soon as the tranny fluid runs to that level thats good
  10. crfdaddy

    05 or 06?? for used bike.

    they tilted the engine forward on the 06, valving to the front and rear suspension i believe the 06 were better suspended than the 07 as well
  11. any body got a picture of the fastway hand guards (roost protecter or brush guards) that you can mount on a 07 450exc that has the headlight and the blinkers and stuff. any way i been on the website and cant figue if you can get one that mounts all the way across or to the top triple clamp and still have the headlight blinkers and turn signals? hope that made sence thanks
  12. crfdaddy

    Pilot screw help?

    if you did the ap mod along with a adjustable fuel screw i had to go down 2 sizes on the piolet jet it finally ran with a 38 pj . i since took out the zip ty fuel screw and now i'm back to the original 42 pj oh by the way i'm in va. 90 plus degrees
  13. crfdaddy

    Need gearing advice for 06 CRF450R

    if your trail riding probably 13-49 or 13-50 somewhere on the yz450 site a fine young man turned me onto a regina o ring with iron man front and rear sprocket combo for $179.00 if you wer riding mx i say go with the 14-53 like i did and a t&m chain block if the sliders worn you ought to go the whole route with the t&m stuff slider rollers and block. ps i have a 06 also just haven't rode it in about 4-5 months
  14. pro med i stopped racing as of 2004, i was 47 raced district 13 and 29 i believe i had a bad get off at action town and had to be medi vac to UVA, if that did not happen and at 50 i still probably be racing. i know this sounds awful but i have not even rode my 06 in about 4 months. i just been busy working and the recent temps and close places to ride has been hard to find
  15. crfdaddy

    pressure spring rate

    dresden your not going to achive what you want just by changing the ics springs, theres alot more to it. back in 03when i talked to factory connection the fellow was telling me that mike larroco was running the 1.61 ics springs but failed to tell me that he was running 50mm forks not the stock 47 showas way different valving heavier fork springs different oil height and so on like shawn has said just changing the ics springs is going to make it blow through the complete stroke much faster tan you realize. like i said i tried it and took them out and sold them a 2 weeks after i bought them