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  1. PeakRider

    Slyco's 7 step Weight Loss Program

    Hi Bob, Doctor forced me to give up bikes so I've gone to the dark side (UTV's). Getting old sucks. My moto is "Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is optional". I'm buying a place in Idaho near Yellowstone where I can ride right from the house. Planning on moving there in a few years after I sell the business.
  2. PeakRider

    Slyco's 7 step Weight Loss Program

    I can't believe it's been 12 years. Must have had a mental block to maintain my sanity. Need to say Hi to all the regulars that I used to ride with.
  3. PeakRider

    For those of you that know Peakrider......

    Hey, I was only doing my part to preserve the environment. Those little trees need their branches pruned every once in a while so that they can grow big and strong. Damone, I haven't forgoten about taking you and Zekedawg riding up north just don't have the time this year. Hopefully next season I'll have the new factory built and have more time to play.
  4. No problem, let me know when he's ready for me to look at it again. By the way, I missed what your web site was. Post it up or send me a PM.
  5. This address is only a 1/4 mile from my house. I'll go now and let you know how it looks.
  6. PeakRider

    Helicopter Insurance

    I had the misfortune of having to get a friend airlifted out of Georgetown. First the CHP Helo extracted my buddy and flew him to a landing zone at Bald Mt., Next a CalStar helicopter flew him to the hospital. The EMS people explained that the cost of the extraction by CHP was paid for with tax dollars. The Air ambulance was to be paid by the injured person or by insurance. Generally the public service will only take you to where an ambulance can take over. I'm sure if it was life or death, the gov. helo would take you all the way to medical services.
  7. PeakRider

    Slyco's 7 step Weight Loss Program

    I didn't want to post this in the "extraction" thread but felt that I had to respond to Slyco's post from the other thread. Slyco's post; TobyG................. in the 3 years since the cliff experiment.......... nobody............ and I mean nobody has realized that. I wasn't going to point it out. But yeah.......... that was kind of bonehead. Now in my defense............ enough time has transpired so I can tell the whole story.................................. I thought that I I needed help with the extraction so I couldn't say anything before, and it's not like me to rag on folks......................... but..................... I did wait. I waited & waited & waited & waited. I waited a good 30~45 minutes. They were on the top of the hill eating lunch.......................... without a care in the world.................... no stress.............. !!!!!!! I simply gave up. I didn't think they were coming back for me. I goofed. But who cares........ this ain't about me. It's about the fantastic story & Herculean effort this group did. It's ended in success! When the chips are down.................. or you're in a foxhole................ the TT crowd comes through!!!!!! Now my response. 1) I must admit that I am impressed that after 3 years, he admits that his actions that day were wrong. 2) Yes I did reach the top and was having lunch. Johnny showed up a little after me and he started his lunch also. After 15 min. and no Slyco, we headed back down the trail to find him. Keep in mind that if I had a second sandwich, I would have spent another 15 min. eating it too. It's not unusual to wait for Slyco to come rolling in late. 3) We ride in groups in case someone needs help, going off the trail and trying to continue by yourself is just plain stupid. This wasn't the first time Slyco made a wrong turn and then kept going while the rest of the group starts searching for him. What part of "meet at the last place the group stopped" is not clear. 4) I'm amazed at how time dulls the memory when you (Slyco) wear rose colored goggles.
  8. PeakRider

    I'm in Love with Shirley Temple!

    Have you always been a slow learner? I'd have thought some of your previous "adventures" would have sunk in by now.
  9. PeakRider

    Scary City- Pararie City SSS Ride Today 4/6

    I think we all know who he's speaking about.
  10. PeakRider

    ATTENTION High Sierra Crew-Pop Quiz

    Yeah, had arm pump right from the start. Had to finish early though, got someplace to be in 15 min. The rest of you have two hours for the test then you have to put your pencils down (or give them to BigBob so he can check TDC).
  11. PeakRider

    ATTENTION High Sierra Crew-Pop Quiz

    Am I allowed to take a shot at this?
  12. PeakRider

    Sunday - March 30 Rock Lobster/Flume ride

    I'll be there, Bald Mt. 8:30.
  13. PeakRider

    Sunday - March 30 Rock Lobster/Flume ride

    I'll be there early but it will be a short day for me, gotta leave by 1:00. Snowmobiling Saturday with SLR and Dirtbikes on Sunday, this is a great area to live.
  14. PeakRider

    Sunday - March 30 Rock Lobster/Flume ride

    Last Saturday.
  15. PeakRider

    Georgetown on the 22nd

    Riding conditions were perfect on the east side but there were lots of motorhomes and trailers at Mace Mill. Rode with 450X22 and some others that I didn't know. Took 9 across to the 4's when my riding was cut short with a problem. Steve did about 60 miles but I'll let him fill in details. Riding season has returned.