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    Well, glad to get a reply, finally. However, I've decided to sell XT and get a street bike, as riding the XT is like riding a vibrator the size of a paint shaker with a saddle... Now looking for an old VT500 Ascot. Speaking of vintage.. Thanks anyway..
  2. briankk


    Anybody know id a '76 RD350 front end entire, will bolt up to my XT500 frame, advancing my cafe racer project?
  3. Well, I solved the problem, which was that my '76 XT500C wouldn't idle and ran poorly above idle, would just barely get up on it's back wheel.. The idle air jet had an O ring that may have been the factory piece, when I took it out the O ring disintegrated.. Replaced with hardware store O ring. Dropped the float bowl but couldn't get the pilot jet out, finally pulled the carb, on the bench got the right size screwdriver, clamped a vicegrip to the screwdriver, and broke the jet loose. Jet was dirty and old, but holes at the bottom were clear. There seemed to be an annular hole, quite small, that didn't go clear through, though it looked like it should. Never found anybody could tell me if it should, couldn't find a new one to look at, or buy, so I persisted with my torch tip cleaners, finally got through with a .015 wire, an .018 cleaned it up, nothing larger would fit. Guess I could put the carb back together and ride, but I already ordered an overhaul kit, reckon I'll wait a bit and finish the job. Thanks for the tip, Jimmy. The Haynes manual was not real clear on how that jet worked, nor was the manual I downloaded from Mikuni, thought I'd ask around.. bk
  4. Is there supposed to be any airflow in the VM34SS pilot jet? Mine seems to have an axial air passage but if that's what it is, it's plugged beyond my tip cleaners ability to deal with it.
  5. briankk

    Yamaha XT500 1976

    Forgot how strong these engines were..
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    Forgot how strong these engines were..
  7. I see you are in CA. Go to nearest DMV and request CHP form 888, "Motorcycle, Motor Driven Cycle, and motorized Bicycle Requirements", six pages long, list all the stuff you need to do convert dirt back to street. If its currently a "green sticker" off road bike, you'll first have to get the green sticker current (in case it's not), then start the procedure to convert back to the street. Will eventually require CHP inspection/cert that all the required stuff is present and accounted for, then DMV issues a plate and pink. Bring money.
  8. My bro-in-law had one of these a few years back. 6 speed casette trans, in a late 60s or early 70s bike. The thing that got my attention though, was the Smith and Wesson logo cast into the top of the triple tree...
  9. OK, got a Haynes manual coming, will adjust valves when It gets here. Thnx for the reply.
  10. I just got a new-to-me '76 XT500. I can kick it over, and start it, with some difficulty, without using the comprission release. Is it suppose to do that? The last single I had was a 450 Ducati dirt digger that you HAD to use the compression release to start, 'cause it had such compression it wouldn't go past TDC without it..
  11. OK. Today I learned that Honda Customer Service is a usless POS. I called 'em up to try to find out the thickness of the two washers giveing me grief, after about 45 min piddeling around on the 'phone, the told me that my front hub had been recalled in '88 or '89, and that they couldn't answer my washer question, because that was a "technical question", and only dealers are allowed to ask technical questions, us commoners can take a dump. Theres a nice Yamaha 500 banger for sale down the street...
  12. The clutch does ineed start slipping, at about 65 ft/lb... I will eventually find a way to torque this thing, but I'm worried about this washer, I suspect the lack of one of those washers is what caused the thing to come apart in the first place. I would be reasonable that the thin washer go against the crankcase, and the thick one between the starter clutch hub and the center piece, but when so assembled, even at 60/lbs the starter clutch feels bound. BUT, that could be because everything is new and un-lubricated too, I guess. hmmm..
  13. Long ago in another month I pulled my left cover to see what was banging around in there. The screws holding the starter clutch to the back of the alternator rotor had backed out, trashing the stator and the starter clutch. I bought a new stator and starter clutch, started to put it back togather when I noticed something. The starter clutch I bought was ordered as seperate parts from the fische, and when I was putting the thing togather, I found I had a washer in the new stuff that wasn't in the old starter clutch, and its about an eigth of an inch thick. Obviously, this part was missing from the old clutch. The two washers are #26 (90402-MK5-000) and 27 (90403-MK5-000) in the diagram, but I dont know which is which when I have 'em in hand. So: Does the thin washer go near the crankcase and the thick one in the middle of the starter clutch, or vice-versa? None of the local Honda shops/mechanics have a clue.. And, if thats sorted out, how on earth do you hold the alternator rotor while you torque the holding bolt to 90 ft/lb? The Honda tool specified does not exist..
  14. Zipper600 said: as far as i know NX650 does not use the same engine as the XR650R.... Well, duh. I missed that early on, thought it was an L. Never mind, i'm not looking for an R anyway, I want a better, CA legal frame to put the NX motor in, as the chassis is a POS, and hard to get parts for..http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/images/smilies/blush.gif
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