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  1. DesertDog

    Model confusion

    I'm considering a new 450cc KTM but I'm having a heck of a time sorting out the different models.I'm looking for a good trail/desert bike.I see some new 2008 450XC-F's for sale,and 2009 450 XC-F and XC-W's.What's the difference and why is the XC-W 9 pounds heavier?Is there any other models to consider?Thanks
  2. DesertDog


    sstockton,you have a PM
  3. I was thinking the same thing.
  4. DesertDog

    New Gas tank

    The cheapest I know of is a Clarke tank from www.motosportoutlet.com 170.00
  5. DesertDog

    '02 250F owners

    My sons tank on his 02' cracked at the threads for the cap.had to get a new tank.
  6. DesertDog

    Riding in Kingman AZ?

    Hey Bullfrog, About the only place i've ridden in Kingman is up the hill in the Hualapai mountains.Go behind the main lodge and hop on Flag Mine Road.Once you get in a couple miles it turns into some nice forest and there is various trails that shoot off.If you stay on flag Mine Road,it will take you down the mountain to Yucca.There's an old mine called Boriana Mine about 20 miles down and some old corrals.Lot's of wildlife in that area....cattle,deer,havalina,skunks,snakes,etc...
  7. DesertDog

    Williams, AZ

    Just got back from weekend trip to Williams.There's a lot of trails there to ride.It will be a nice change for you cutting through the forest for a change.Let me know where are you staying at and I'll give you some directions to some good riding spots.
  8. DesertDog

    Just finished building my Yellow YZ

    Awsome looking bike!What did you use to black out some of the parts,frame,fork tubes,etc..?
  9. DesertDog

    What was your first bike

    1970 SL 70 1977 YZ 125 1983 CR 480 1985 ATC 200 1987 TRX 250R 1981 RM 465 2003 WR 250
  10. DesertDog

    GYT-R Insert....Would you recommend ?

    For the $40.00 or so that it costs,it's well worth it.It's quite a bit better than the stock baffle.It doesn't allow as much power as with the baffle completely removed,but it's a lot quieter.
  11. DesertDog

    WR or Quad???

    sonquizzon...I live in Havasu and there is a lot of great riding here.A good website to check out that is closer to your area is http://www.arizonatrailtalk.com/ Check out their forums.They have sections for places to ride,ride reports,and even a section where you can meet up with people to ride.Click on "ST,s Garage" and he has video clips of rides.
  12. DesertDog

    WR or Quad???

    Chico,I would go for the bike,especially living in AZ.There is so much good riding here,but a lot of it is single track where a quad wouldn't be able to go.
  13. DesertDog

    Race class for kids

    You will need to check with the race organization in your area.My son races his TTR 125 in the 85cc class.I'm in AZ and out here some race organizations allow up to 125cc 4-strokes to be raced in the 85cc class and others allow up to 150cc. As far as your daughter racing her 90 in the 65cc class,I would think the danger factor would be about the same as any other beginners kids class.They run a lot slower and don't seem to get hurt as often,but racing does have risks at any level.I would go watch some races and see what you think.
  14. This seems to be a common problem for these bikes.I lost mine on a ride a couple weeks ago.When I went to the dealer to order a new one,they said I was the 4th one that week to order one.I went ahead and ordered two so I would have a spare,but like Wrooster said,put Locktite blue on the threads before reinstalling it.