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  1. If you want to buy me a full aftermarket exhaust you can have mine! Sorry, couldn't resist.
  2. The 70cfm was from a video I saw which used the same motor & fan assembly from a different bike, but exact same parts just re-branded. The TT universal uses the zip tie mounts, but those have long term issues with radiators so I fabbed one out of aluminum that bolts to where the L fan would mount. Sucks that the temp sensor is a thermistor & not just a switch...wouldn't have needed TT stuff at all at that point as it's just the temp gauge/relay & a 4" SPAL fan. If you could get the fan, motor, & shroud for $200 that isn't bad...I couldn't find it anywhere near that cheap from the various OEM parts warehouses online.
  3. The L fan (all the parts) is around 300 bucks & like 70cfm. The TT was about $120 & 130cfm. I was leaning towards the factory one simply so it all just "bolts up" but then you'd still need to run power/relay/etc & some way to turn it on. You can't use the TT gauge with the factory temp sensor, but you could use either their in-line temp sensor or the one that slides into the rad fins & the gauge & have it turn the L fan on (or trip a relay).
  4. Yeah I'm going to get a tuner at some point...for now I put a TT fan on it & fabbed up an aluminum bracket. Also the hose is 19mm if anyone needs it.
  5. Cool thanks, I'll check it out. I still can't believe they are using AC for the headlight (while having an LED taillight)...sigh. Guess it's time to find a headlight that will fit a standard socket & slap a rectifier on it...
  6. TT doesn't have a 2019 model (& their ETA is Q2/Q3 2020) so I bought the universal kit & fabbed up an aluminum bracket for the left radiator. You will also have to file down the temp sensor as it won't fit in the ribs of the radiator. Let me know what seats you are looking at...the stock one might as well be a 2x4.
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  8. Actually didn't even realize there's a drain petcock on the top of the left radiator (seriously, on the top?)...wonder if that is a standard NPT thread that a temp switch can go into...
  9. Anyone know where I can find the ID/OD of the large coolant hose on the left radiator? For the life of me I can't find anywhere online that says what it is & I wanted to put an inline coolant temp sensor in for a fan I'm adding as this thing boils over way too easy on slow tight trails (and there's no convenient drain plug like the older models that would just take a temp sensor directly). Trailtech shows a 19mm under the 2019 X but wanted to try to confirm before I bought that (or cut the hose to measure it).
  10. Have been riding ATV's & SxS's for the last 15 or so years & dirtbikes before that, but wanted to get back into a dirtbike as I rode those from like 5-18 years old, so just bought a CRF450x & hoping to get out one decent trip before it gets too cold. Have been riding Wayne since about 07 (have family down there so pretty much have it memorized). Have been to Hatfield about a dozen times, Michigan a couple, Marienville in PA a few times, Wellsville a few times back in the day. If anyone is interested in a quick ride or two in October before the snow flies let me know.
  11. Get a small/cheap ($10) ebay rectifier & a capacitor & it won't flicker.
  12. Bought one about two weeks ago & only have 11 miles on it...last 450x I had was probably 10 years ago-ish & this one is a lot more refined (although still not enough DC power to put a bunch of goodies on it).
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