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  1. RC81

    Noise that worries me, 2007 WR450F

    I bet thats the noise your hearing too. My 05 does the same.
  2. RC81

    Best air filter?

    I use Twin Air and Maxima aerosol oil. Used Uni's for years but got tired of the two pieces.
  3. RC81

    Keeping a New Bike New

    Between my legs after I huck a triple!
  4. They need to do something, went there on Sunday and couldn't believe how much is fenced off.
  5. Couldn't agree more. Hard to take you seriously if you don't have a basic command of the English language. Oh well, I'm off to ride my Yahama.
  6. RC81

    Engine Oil

    For gearbox I run Mobil mx4t (might be named something else now-get it at Walmart) 10w40 and fully synthetic. For premix I use Redline two stroke racing oil.
  7. RC81

    Requesting Carnegie SVRA info confirmation

    I have Verizon and get no service at Carnegie at all. Not sure about other carriers.
  8. RC81

    Requesting Carnegie SVRA info confirmation

    If your riding it all in 30 minutes you must just be staying on the green loops. There's plenty of challenging trails there.
  9. RC81

    Help Carnegie svra double in size. It's easy.

    Geez how long is this gonna go on for? Until they get the answer they want I'm afraid. Hearing after hearing after hearing. Be too old to ride the damn bike by the time it opens, if ever.
  10. RC81

    Dungey on the Wheaties box, lol

    Stephan Curry is on the front now wearing a suit.
  11. RC81

    Cycle News first ride of YZ250X

    Good reading, thanks for the link.
  12. RC81

    vertex pistons?

    Vertex in my YZ too.
  13. RC81

    Fire at Carnegie

    I knew this would happen. Did they give you a time frame for how ?
  14. RC81

    Fire at Carnegie

    And I wonder if it burned the part their trying to open? Another excuse now I bet.
  15. RC81

    Fire at Carnegie

    Did burn a portion of it Ranger said, porta potties still there from when it was used as a staging area. Park closed until Wed. at least and the burned section will be closed for at least two years.