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    Magnetic Drain Plug

    Just call them. I ordered one for my WR & one for the wifes TTr( same one btw). I had quite a bit of crud on mine yesterday when I changed the oil. Not much on hers yet.
  2. Linemup1320

    TTR 125L info needed.

    By the way she HATED the XR 200, loved the engine in a YZ 125, but was unable to touch the ground!
  3. Linemup1320

    TTR 125L info needed.

    The TTr will be great for trail riding by someone of that weight. BBR knows the TTr and their stuff works, but they are very proud of it. Mark @ 2Dads bought one for his kid and is dialing it in currently. In a few weeks he should have some info on jetting, suspension, ect and parts for a greatly reduced price. We bought my 30 yr old wife a TTR-L on March 10, a friend bought his ~11yr old son one on the 9th of March. Neither rider had owned a bike before. My wife is 5'6" 115lb. The boy is ~20lb heavier. The added weight has really taken a toll on his bike. The chain came off and got into the cases. Then the rear hub broke. My wife on the other hand has had no problems at all. However, I took some extreme measures to ensure that. She spends 95% of her time on the motorcross track and once she started to air out the jumps the TTR showed it's problems. I was talking to her on the chatterbox, pushing her to go faster on a big step up jump and she bottomed out both ends of the bike and her legs became the suspension. Needles to say I was in the dog house! We solved the problem via a 98 RM 80. She really notices the 40lb difference in weight. Now when whoever comes out with a small version of the WR that will do everything we will get her one, but in the mean time she has the TTr for play and the RM for track time. IMHO my wife who had never ever ridden a bike out grew the TTr in less than 3 months. I feel the user friendly nature of the TTr enabled her to do this. I hope to keep this bike a long time and use it for friends and kids. On mothers day both of our 50+ year old mothers rode it around. Neither of them had ever ridden either. Great bike, just don't push it too far!
  4. Linemup1320

    Clutch Basket Question

    Don't plan on any down time for the Hot start installation. It took me less than 30 minutes and I stopped for a beer in the middle! BTY it works great! Just my .02
  5. Linemup1320

    Looking for new Bike for wife

    Thanks for the input. Ga426owner, I think that eventually my wife will be on a 125. We took one to the track Wed night and she did not care for the height or weight of it. She said it was top heavy. Maybe I should have mentioned that she has only been riding for 58 days also! I think we are going to get a friends 98 RM 80. Thanks
  6. Linemup1320

    Looking for new Bike for wife

    After 58 days of motorcycle ownership I think my wife has outgrown her 01 TTr125L. Since she has no interest in anything but riding the local motocross track I am looking for a 2-stroke motocross'r for her. She is 5'6", 115lbs. She is bottoming the TTr on most every jump. She rode a 93 CR 125 lastnight that I lowered as much as possible. She was comfortable with everything about it, except the weight. I thought it was still a little too tall, she was unable to start it. Then she rode a 01 KX 85. Loved that, just thought it was too small. So now I am thinking a CR 80 Expert or a KX 100?????? Any suggestions, comments or leads on these two bikes and my situation would be great. Thanks in advance
  7. I found nothing in the archives on this topic so here goes. I've noticed the rear tire on my wifes TTR(non O-ring chain) rotates a whole bunch easier than my WR. I ran across this article http://www.justxr.com/info/xr4report.html It advises replace the O-ring chain with a ERT Gold series chain non O-ring chain. Has anybody else done this? What size chain to the 1999 WR's require( I am at work w/out my manual) Where is the best place to purchase on of these? What chain lube do most of you use and what is your routine for lubing the chain. My master link clip is about worn out. Do most of you recommend modifying the stock setup or replacing it with a new one? The archives said just grind down the welds? Thanks
  8. Linemup1320

    Radiator Gaurds

    I am thinking of adding some radiator guards to my bike. Any suggestions? I have been unable to locate any information(pictures/website) on the Devol or the works connection. I saw some from Flatlands racing at http://www.flatlandracing.com/Radiator_Guards65760.html and was wondering if anyone had ever used them. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Linemup1320

    Chatterbox & TTR-125 ?'s

    Thanks to everyone for the reply. One thing I have found to help my wife is building up about 1.5" of Velcro inside the helmet where the microphone is mounted. This gets it closer to her and it activates easier. I am now having a problem with keeping the little suckers attached to our helmets, they keep slipping off? Also we have been able to communicate when we are 1.6 miles away from each other, and with my pipe I have to turn the sensitivity way down or she says she can listen to the WR. Thanks again
  10. Linemup1320

    Chatterbox & TTR-125 ?'s

    After almost 10 years with out a dirt bike the Wife and I bought two about a month ago and have done nothing but ride em since. This page has provided me with a bunch of information of my 99 WR 400, thanks. My last bike was a YZ 490 that I thought was pretty bad till I rode this thing. I have two question: 1. Does anyone have any experience with the chatterbox product? We purchased two and seem to be having a difficult time keeping them on the helmets. It is also difficult for my wife to get the voice activated microphone to operate. 2. Is there a Forum/Website similar to this for the TTR-125? Thanks in advance.