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  1. I want to replace my beaten hi-points with a new pair of TCX Pro 2.1s. The hi points are really worn out and they don't offer any protection for me and I've been hurt in them. Here's a picture of my shattered foot last year.
  2. Chevy74

    Idaho Supercross

    Looks awesome. Heard Cole talking about this race he was setting up awhile back when he was racing here in Spokane.
  3. Chevy74

    Washington RIP Austin Krum #438

    Austin Krum passed away yesterday at Airway MXP. May his family be in our prayers. www.extmotorsports.com
  4. Chevy74


    Was just showing cause they are cool and aren't really out yet. But thanks for being a holes
  5. Chevy74


    They are new and aren't really out yet and aren't on their website, so I thought I'd share a quick pic...but thanks for the comment
  6. Chevy74


    New goggles from MotoConcepts...
  7. Chevy74

    Cool video Fast locals

    Good cinematography, fast riding and a great song
  8. 06 Tundra DC Limited. 3" level, 32" Toyo MT's, true dual exhaust, 20% windows, 12" sub, debadged rear, 6000k HID's. Need to take better pictures...
  9. Chevy74

    SLR for video?

    Some of the videos shot on SLR's can be amazing if done right. This is all raw footage taken with a 5D.
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    Probably been posted before...but sick
  11. 06 Tundra DC Limited 4x4 Black wheels, 32" Toyo Open Country MT's, 3" lift/level, true dual exhaust, 20% windows all around, Kenwood 8" subs, TRD.
  12. Chevy74

    who has the best jump photo??

    Some ok ones...
  13. I knew my PC bars mounts were bent so I sent them in to get the studs replaced cause ( pulled them out and they were the only bent part. When I got a call back from them they told me they could not repair them because the bending of the studs oblonged the holes and was "unsafe". After they sold me another bar mount they wouldn't send my old one back! And they didn't give me a core discount for the one they kept. There were still 100% good useable parts there, and they won't send them back to me. Never again will I use anything Pro Crap.
  14. Chevy74

    cylinder head