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  1. The earliest Stony was going to open was Dec 31. Now it is July 1.
  2. Have been spending my time in the sand the last several years. When did this ROD go into play and does it cover any other NorCal riding areas ? 1/1 thru 3/31. WOW!
  3. topgunrk

    Recommend me a boot

    New in box Side Crossfire 3 SRS $350 NorCal Size 44 Black
  4. topgunrk

    Beginner Trails - Nor Cal?

    Google Stonyford OHV. Stage at Davis Flat and head up M5. At the top turn right and find your comfort level from there. Staying on M5 is fine too.
  5. topgunrk

    Which 125?

    New KTM 2 stroke or used 200 EXC all the way!!!
  6. topgunrk

    Unrealistic 50cc dirtbike pricing

    And they sit on Craigslist month after month after month. I have an 06 TTR 50 with current license and registration in perfect shape. How much will you give me for that?
  7. topgunrk

    Recommend me a boot

    Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Size 44 new in box if anyone wants them. $350 Nor Cal
  8. topgunrk

    What should i use to clean my air filter

    "I have never had gas eat up a filter or affect the glue." X2
  9. topgunrk

    Recommend me a boot

    Go try a pair on I bet they will fit just fine. 3's seem to fit a bit smaller.
  10. topgunrk

    Recommend me a boot

    I have a brand new pair of SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS in the box for $350 if you want them. Size 43. Located near Sacramento.
  11. No 2 wheels except on the street for a few years but I still have the KTM. My sons inlaws and there friends all have rigs and are into the sand dunes with the Rhino's, Rzr's and Quads. I joined in, bought a 700 Raptor and really like it. We go to Glamis, Sand Mountain and the Oregon Dunes. I also have 2 dinky little grand kids now that love the offroad scene. Sorry about your mishap. I remember 5 years or so ago watching you jump that road over and over again. See you soon.
  12. How did you get from this to a possible postponement? The conditions are going to be perfect. Any rain or snow flurries are going to be so miniscule in quantity, if at all. If anything, it will make it better.
  13. topgunrk

    Gordons Well

    Definitely paddle up.