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  1. tiny30

    How badly have I f***ed myself?

    I think you just need to replace the water pump seals, that circlip should not of even touched any of the water pump assembly.
  2. tiny30

    YZ250F 50th Anniversary rebuild

    Are you sure the cam timing is correct?
  3. tiny30

    Engine dies when I turn the throttle.

    Check the vent hoses out of the carb, make sure that they are not plugged with dirt at the end.
  4. tiny30

    coil popping up after each ride

    Is the spark plug loose? Compression getting past it and causing the coil to pop up.
  5. tiny30

    Pics of black swingarm

    I looked into the black hard anodizing but there can not be any steel at all in the aluminum. The subframe has steel thread inserts for all of the bolts. So i decided against it.
  6. tiny30

    02 exhaust on an 06?

    I cut the mounting tab off and relocated it. You can mig weld stainless, but if the pipe is titainium it will have to be tig welded. You could take it to weld shop and get it done, should not be very expensive.
  7. When you lost the fuel screw, did you also loose the washer and o ring that goes on the fuel screw ?
  8. tiny30

    Choke not working

    What is your starting drill, when cold?? I usually pull the choke and crack the throttle 3 times. My bike will start on the first kick, just about every time, if I do this routine, when the bike is cold.
  9. tiny30

    03 WR Clutch Problem?

    What oil are you running? I hear about people having this problem but have had 3 YZ250F bikes and never had an issue with the clutch. I have always used synthetic oil !!!
  10. tiny30

    o6 wr being a pain in the butt

    Ignition box bad, or timing is off.
  11. tiny30

    Serious clutch issues...HELP

    Did you soak the fiber plates in oil, overnight, before installing them?
  12. tiny30

    Wont start

    The float is stuck!!! This sometimes happens when carb has been taken apart. Try tapping on the float bowl with a screwdriver handle or the wood handle of a hammer.
  13. tiny30

    Help! 06 yz250f won't idle

    Is the hot start plunger stuck open or maybe not seating all of the way?
  14. tiny30

    Front Wheel Will Not Rotate On Axel

    Did you hammer the bearings on the inner race? With the wheel off the bike, check to see that the bearings will spin with your finger. Also make sure the spacer in in there.
  15. tiny30

    Help! 06 yz250f won't idle

    You are sure the valves are in spec? Is the engine binding up when it gets hot, as in harder to kick over?