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    Need help with tires...

    Tires I would recommend are the starcross by michelin, either the MH2 (medium to hard) or the MS2(medium to soft) the Michelin M12 is the same as the MS2 but different tread pattern if you want to look into that tire too.
  2. I am with all of you guys, where I ride I find trash everywhere, some is obviously from other riders, and some isn't....but I as well bring extra trash bags with me when I go ride and clean up around my camp site, I notice when others see me doing this, they start picking up quite a bit around their sites as well...so I very well think that by doing this I am making and impact. If I do it and even one person takes from my example, then that means one person will see that one person, and so on and so forth, next thing you know people will get it.
  3. NewMXR

    450/426 shrouds

    No they won't unless you use the 450 gas tank, which I am not sure if that is possible.
  4. NewMXR

    What is wrong with my tranny??

    Hey guys thanks for the help so far, but I remembered one key thing last night, my bike is still under warranty so I will just be dropping the bike of at NCY today and having my buddy just fix it under warranty, but tawnoper I will let you know if it turns out to be the same thing or something similar, maybe this will be coming up more and more from 450 owners.
  5. NewMXR

    What is wrong with my tranny??

    So I can't just take is apart from the shift lever side of the motor?
  6. Ok bike is 03 YZ450F, no mods, about 10 hours total on the bike, oil has been changed about 5 times, filter changed 4 times, and I run Motorex 15W/50. So here is my problem, my gear shift lever when downshifting will get stuck in the most downward position...the bike downshifts fine (other than first, I will get to that in a second). Like if I am going from 4th to 3rd it will downshift just fine, but the gearshift lever will just stick, so I have to pop it back up with my foot before I can shift into 2nd. And as mentioned above I have a slight 2nd to 1st problem as well, the bike when going from 2nd to 1st it won't hit first, it will go to neutral, sometimes I have to kick it 3 or 4 times once it's in neutral to get it into 1st. This is very frustrating and scary when out at the track or in tight spots cruising around my local riding spots. Can anyone lend me some insight on what is wrong and how I may go about fixing it, thanks in advance everyone.
  7. NewMXR

    Seat Cover Dilemma

    A pneumatic staple gun, 120psi will put a staple through anything.
  8. NewMXR

    Save your fork seals

    Ok this is my humble opinion, but I have to disagree with the statement that a fork saver does not help save fork seals. And here is why, you more experienced guys can tell me if my theory holds water. If you DO NOT use a fork saver when tying down your bike one of two things will happen: 1. you will have to bottom the forks out if you do not want the suspension to bounce when you hit larger bumps in the road. Keeping that kind of pressure on fork seals for a 2 hour drive can't be good. 2. If you don't bottom out the suspension then the bike will bounce, now this has to be at least partially damaging over time to the suspension. So with a forksaver you don't do either, so in the long run in perfect conditions a fork saver would most certainly save for seals. But as I type this I realize that we ride these things in dirt and subject them to far more stress riding that we ever would for a couple hour trip with the suspension bottomed out in the back of our trucks...so in theory yes forsavers work, but in reality we are going to do something to damage a fork seal long before a forksaver would have done any good. I hope that made sense.
  9. NewMXR

    flywheel weight

    Most guys that are doing supercross and no trail riding are going 4 or 6 ounce. 4oz is recomended for hard supercrossing, and 6oz recomended for the average person. Either Dr. D's or Stealthy are good ones to pick up.
  10. See ya in Ocotillo...may be PM showers on Saturday, but I am still gonna go out.
  11. NewMXR

    YZ450F Skidplates

    OHVrider I am not sure what overheating issue you are speaking of, but I am doubtful a skid plate could cause overheating problems as heat rises, and when bike is moving there is plenty of air passing over the motor and plenty of room behind the motor for the air to pass and exit the engine area...maybe these problems are not due to a skid plate but something else. Just a thought. Not to mention aluminum is one of the best metals at disapating heat.
  12. Oh by the way you need a richer pilot jet, you shouldn't be more than 2 turns out on your fuel screw.
  13. No where in your starting methods do you mention NO twists of the throttle and choke ON. First stop twisting the throttle, 2-3 twists is MOST CERTAINLY flooding that carb/motor. Second if it's cold the thing will not be easy to start with the choke off. Here is how I start my 450 and from the first start, until now I have not ever kicked more than 3 times: COLD: choke on, kick NO THROTTLE TWISTS AT ALL (unless I let it run with the petcock off at the end of a ride, then I twist ONCE to prime the carb) HOT: Choke off, and kick. I don't even use my hotstart lever, it starts without it HOT and if I stalled it: choke off, kick. Again I don't use the hotstart lever. Of course also follow the advice of others and make sure that your plug and all has been changed properly.
  14. NewMXR

    Chain Length

    Just go buy a chain with 120 links, and a chain breaker. Put the rim on, slide it all the way forward (as long as you are not running a paddle tire, if you are don't slide it the the very front remember to keep room for paddles) and then put the chain on, figure out where you need to cut it and break the extra links out.
  15. I went yesterday and Sunday, it's slightly changed because of some residual flooding (like on the VET track they have bypassed two of the table tops), but the tracks are in great condition and most certainly ridable.