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    riding, girls, thats about it
  1. SumtinCoo

    I promised pictures when I went riding

    haven't been riding in 2 years?? i bet you were sore as hell the next day haha. sweet bike though
  2. SumtinCoo

    Who engraves clutch covers?

    im pretty sure any place thats able to do laser engraving could do it.
  3. SumtinCoo

    2010 air filter

    get a loudmouth kit. so much easier to change the filter.
  4. SumtinCoo

    PICS: HRC Japan´s effort 2010.....

    Ancient Japanese secret. It's the awesome Mugen Power header. The header splits into two pipes and rejoins right at the mid pipe.
  5. SumtinCoo

    PICS: HRC Japan´s effort 2010.....

    i wonder why they dont use gold rims like the euro team? and they're using a stock plastic tank as well instead of some cool carbon fiber one.
  6. SumtinCoo

    Finally got it out! 2010

    a little off topic but didnt you have a yellow 08 crf250 with no hours on it?
  7. SumtinCoo

    2010 hard to start

    are you filtering the gas before you put it in the tank? if not your fuel filter may be clogged and causing the problem.
  8. SumtinCoo

    Going with Factory Connection for '09 CRF450R

    to post pics.... make an account at photobucket.com upload the photo copy and paste the code, its the last of the 4 choices
  9. SumtinCoo

    Need suspension shop in Louisville KY

    Theres a place in Elizabethtown called Suspension Plus and his prices are very reasonable. http://www.suspensionplus.com/
  10. SumtinCoo

    Just got my graphics done-09 450

    haha i see a viagra sponsor
  11. SumtinCoo

    How do I clean the header?

    magnesium doesnt corrode very easily to water. but acetone will eat it up overnight.
  12. SumtinCoo


    i say the sunline v1's they move up, down, backwards, and forward. hard to break them.
  13. SumtinCoo

    Look at this ride !!!

    anyone notice the powerbomb type thing on the left side of the bike right above the oil filter cover?
  14. SumtinCoo

    loudmouth intake

    i have one on my 06 and its noticeable, not 5hp or whatever they claim but maybe 1. and filter changing is sooo easy.
  15. the more i look at them the more i like the gold rims and red hubs combo.