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  1. HappyGilmore

    12' KX450's- bad cranks?

    72 hrs on my meter, no issues, nothing replaced but oil and filter. Planning on top end soon.
  2. HappyGilmore

    '01 YZ125 General questions

    I dont recall the numbers, but i did set my sag. Im going to try again because now that you mention it, i set it when i weighed 190lbs. I remember it being close but not exact. Now that i weigh less its probably out of wack. I messed with the clickers after my weight loss but not my sag. There is this one section of woops on my track that i get all kinds of sideways on. Every time. That could be explained with too much preload for my previous weight, correct? I feel the suspension is too soft for my speed, not my weight. Since i have the compression bumped up, it wont compress in the corners and the braking/ accelerating bumps are harsh. It might have been changed, but i bought it from the original owner who said no changes (including oil) have been made. I was going to crack the forks and shock open, but didnt want to put any labor into outdated stuff. Also, racetech recommends 1 spring stiffer front and rear. But in anycase, if i can upgrade to the SSS forks, i would like to. It sounds like i need: the triples with my current stem pressed in, forks, caliper bracket, axle and spacers, and possibly the calipers?
  3. HappyGilmore

    '01 YZ125 General questions

    Gonna bump my thread here. I really need to do something about my suspension. I believe it's all untouched and original. But it's too soft, and too harsh since I stiffened it up to compensate. Would it be cost effective to swap from a bigger bike? This started as, and still is a budget bike so a 700 dollar valve and spring job is out of the question. I can swap springs and oil myself in forks and shocks, but that's as far as I go. What years and models are compatible with my 2000 yz125 if I swap triple trees and axles? There are a lot of forks from 00 or 01ish yz250s for about 100 bucks. But I want to upgrade technology if possible. I know about the SSS in 06. I found some 07 yz450 forks for cheap. Too stiff? What's the best year pre-SSS if I need to settle? I weigh 165 lbs. and I'm a fairly fast rider.
  4. HappyGilmore

    '01 YZ125 General questions

    OK a little update. Ive been ripping this thing at the track and it is out of control (in a good way.) It is an absolute blast. I love passing all the 4 strokes and 250 2ts on this thing. The experienced 450s will smoke me but all the weekend warriors on the other bikes are pretty surprised to see this thing rip by. It is an absolute clutch abuser, i love it. Especially since ive lost 20lbs since my first ride, ive become faster on it!! Question: Im getting rid of my girlfriend's 2003 yz125. She is upgrading (or am i? ) to a 250 4 stroke. Are there any parts i should swap over to my 2000 yz144 to make it better before i sell it?
  5. HappyGilmore

    Running 87 octane in 250cc 2-stroke?

    Cracks me up when people gripe over 20 cents extra on fuel. Hell, i fill up my truck with 91 when i ride most of the time. Just so i dont have to run my card twice. My truck holds 25 gallons, times 20 cents, thats only 5 bucks extra IF i fill it all the way. But when im bangin my card for 130 bucks at the pump these days, whats another 5 haha. No im not rich, but if that extra couple bucks aint in your budget, its not worth risking pricey damage to your motor.
  6. HappyGilmore

    '01 YZ125 General questions

    I knew that would happen haha. I was looking at a 2001 at first, but then found a 2000 and bought it. So i just added to this thread instead of making a new one. I tried to get the thread title changed, but the mod said it screws up the programming or something. Oh well.
  7. HappyGilmore

    '01 YZ125 General questions

    Stock for a 2000 is a 350. It changed in 2001 to richer main jets. I dont know why. I was messing with the jetting awhile back (not knowing any jetting specs for any years) on my 2000 and found out 350 was stock for a 2000. Then on my 2003 i took it apart to check the jetting and it was a 410. I thought, "how is this thing not spooging??" But thats when i discovered the differences.
  8. HappyGilmore

    '01 YZ125 General questions

    Changed the jetting to a 340 main and it rips! Very fun bike. Porting hits hard but still has decent low end.
  9. Im having some shifting issues after a shifter removal too!! Not as bad though, just not consistent. Im going to try this thanks!
  10. HappyGilmore

    What year is this "2006" 125?

    The radiator shrouds are telling me its not any newer than an 02.
  11. HappyGilmore

    Bad crank seal?

    Try riding the bike for awhile, then drain the oil and measure it. See if any is missing. If it is, start with the crank seal and seal bushing.
  12. HappyGilmore

    '01 YZ125 General questions

    Also, i have a stock 125 pipe from my girlfriends 2003. Should i try it with that pipe? She has the FMF REV on it (with some battlescars haha) i could try that too.
  13. HappyGilmore

    Yz125, The Rebuild

    Did you mess with your jetting? I put mine back to stock and it leaves something to be desired up top still. Only pavement test though. Bottom pull is really good for a 125 (144)!! I am going to try to mess with leaner jets this weekend.
  14. HappyGilmore

    Cleaned the oil screen in my 450f last night.....few problems

    On my old 450, one backed out and went through the motor. Not good, lots of nicks, but i removed the bolt and ran it. No probs. you got lucky.
  15. HappyGilmore

    '01 YZ125 General questions

    Got my 144 back today and installed it. Started up 3rd kick, no choke. +1 for Eric. Pulls pretty good. But its hard to compare because i was on my 450 all weekend. Ill have a better idea once i get it in the dirt on the track. So far i only took it up and down the street. Jetted it back to stock (350 main) and dialed the air screw. I think i might try some leaner jetting. I feel that i should be pulling a little harder up top. Any advice? Heres the kicker: Its already installed and running, and i havent even paid for it yet.... He is a very trusting guy! I told him i wanted to PayPal him the money, and he said he would email me an invoice. This was last Tuesday. If he doesnt email me soon, im just going to call him again. But over all im happy with my EG experience. He definitely throws in a lot of extras, and doesnt really go by his website pricing. So if anyone thinks hes out of budget, call him and im sure he will work with ya. I plan on riding it this weekend and want to try out some jets... leaner?? I have 13/51 gearing, Pro Circuit Platinum pipe and 304 silencer.