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  1. Hi all, I have recently bought the Acerbis sump guard to replace the small stock guards. It uses the 2 frame fixing threads to secure to the frame. On my old bike KTM, the guard came with quick release fixings like the one fitted on the CRF airbox cover. This was great as when I cleaned my bike I was always able to drop off the guard quickly to allow cleaning and re-fit no problem. With my new guard I now have to unscrew the 2 bolts each time I remove the guard, which although I don't mind the extra time, I am worried that constant use of these bolts in the aluminium frame will eventually lead to the bolts stripping threads. Does anyone know of any quick release/ fast on fixings that will screw into the frame threads and accept some kind of fastening?? Thanks for your help.
  2. moto31382

    OEM vs No Toil Air Filter

    The filter with the rubber seal is the OEM part. I've always gone with OEM for air and oil filters can't beat the quality and fit, even though they might cost a bit more. Always use the cage with any filter otherwise you will not get a seal. Some aftermarket options have their own less restrictive cages which need to be fitted along with an adapter which fits to the airbox. Stick with OEM unless your planning on tuning up the bike to a high level.
  3. moto31382

    Case saver year/size variation?

    Hi, Ordered up the case saver (front sprocket chain guard) on ebay last week for my 2005 CRF450X to replace the plastic OEM dirt trap. It arrived, went it fit and found to be wrong fitting. The distance between the 2 mounting hole centres is too small. I called the ebay shop guy who is being very helpful but we cannot work out why is does not fit my bike. The manufacture part says it will fit 2005-2008 CRF450X models. He has checked I've got the correct part. It measures approx 65mm between holes centers. My bike needs larger gap approx 75mm between centers? Is there a difference on the early 2005 models? Anyone else had similar issues? Thanks. James.
  4. moto31382

    New to the CRF

    Thanks for your replies, I will be checking over the top end very soon. Is it possible (being a 2005) that it is still running the original Ti intake valves, and if so should I be replacing with stainless ones? Or is it best/safe just to replace everything with stock OEM parts?
  5. moto31382

    New to the CRF

    Hello all, First post in the CRF450X forum. I have recently sold my KTM EXC450, which I had from new, and I am glad to see the back of it to be honest. Never had a bike which gave me so many problems. Anyway now have got myself a very nice condition 2005 CRF450X which I am really pleased with so far, reallly nice low down grunt in power delivery compaired to the high reving KTM. Bit suprised on the oil consumption, but reading posts on TT I take it that its normal for these engines, nearly caught me out on the first full day run finding the oil at minium on the dipstick when I got home! Bit annoyed with myself for not checking level regulary on its first run out. Nice easy oil changes on the CRF. My question is, all my previous 4 stroke bikes have always had an oil screen somehwere aswell as the filter change. Just wanted to know if the CRF has one hidden somewhere in the oil pickup that I should be cleaning occasionally? Something else I noticed is the auto decomp is a bit of a noisy click when stoping engine, I know auto decomp always makes a noise but this CRF seems rather loud click, should I be adjusting the decomp clearance possibly? Thanks for you time James.
  6. moto31382

    Clutch slave removed - o ring replace?

    Thanks for the advice. Been over the KTMtalk but have to wait till i'm back at work as the forum does not except free personal email (google yahoo etc) mail accounts to join up:bonk: guess i'll have to wait to next weekend then!
  7. Hello all, Been having a few issues with my clutch. Have bleed system every which way. Next step replace o-ring in the slave. I have the Brembo slave off the bike can someone tell me how to remove and replace the oring please, Can I use the clutch lever to force out the slave piston or will this damage something? How do I correctly do the job, Thanks for any help.
  8. moto31382

    Front Sprocket Renthal ok?

    Update: For you info: Have just removed old KTM OEM sprocket and using a caliper have measured both OEM and Renthal width. KTM OEM = 8.81mm Renthal = 8.82mm Looks like we're ok to use Renthal sprockets on our KTM's now, I guess other after market sprockets can differ, but Renthal no problem:thumbsup:
  9. moto31382

    Clutch problem from cold start ? ?

    ok, so I've bleed the clutch a couple of times. Still having the same problem. Clutch feels perfectly normal when cold AND when fully up to temperature. But from cold , as soon as I pull away I loose all pressure on clutch lever for about 5-10 mins before clutch behaves normally again:banghead: Have I just got a air bubble problem? The KTM dealer says possible o ring in slave gone, seems odd that it only started doing this since the engine has been out? I have bought some new o rings, and have removed the slave cylinder now. I have taken a couple of photos below, I'm guessing its normal for oil to be behide the slave as in picture? Now I have the slave off, could do with some pointers on how to dissasemble the slave. Does the rubber diaphram just pull out and how do remove the ball bearing and piston? Just want to check before I guess and damage something. Thanks
  10. Hi, Time to replace chain and sprokets on my 2011 EXC450. I've picked up a renthal rear sprocket and chain as I always use. Reading through posts, is it still recommended to only use OEM KTM front sprockets on my EXC 2011 to avoid the countershaft oil leak issue? Or does this only apply to the pre 2008 year RFS engine type KTM's? Reason I ask is I went ahead and ordered a front sprocket from my local KTM dealer to avoid this issue and they sent me a Renthal one in the post! Thanks for your advice.
  11. Hi all, I have recently got my bike back from dealer after some major engine work (crankcase opened up). Engine is now sweet running normally. Problem is now I have a clutch problem, but only when the bike is cold. For the first 5-10 mins of riding from cold I have no clutch control. Lever feels loose with no pressure to operate the clutch – making the bike very difficult to control. Bike is 450 EXC 2010 model fitted with hydraulic Brembo clutch. I’m guessing the system has not been bleed correctly, and has air in the system? Bit strange that when hot it operates fine?? I have just got hold of a syringe to attempt the reserve bleed technique, any tips would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  12. Latest update: I gave the KTM dealer a ring. They told me not to open anything up myself until they have checked it over. The bike is still less than 1 year old with 37 hours, so even with no warranty, KTM will pay out for a major failure if not due to normal wear/tear. I had to get the bike down to dealer weekend just gone, they are looking at it today (Tuesday), so fingers crossed. When I took bike in, the mechanics don’t work weekends but the salesperson did manage to turn the engine over a few times with the e-start but it sounded bloody terrible, not sure why he did that, hopefully not done any further damage, I would have thought it best to just open it up first and take a look?? I’ll keep you all posted - KTM
  13. motor just clicks when button is pushed, if you hold the starter while trying the button I think you can feel it 'trying' but its jammed solid somewhere.
  14. I'll take a look before going any further. Do you think it would be worth removing the starter motor while I'm at it and bench test/inspect it?