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  1. BC3


    LOL I wish, No not Cody......I did ride Nor Cal races Napa,Sacramento, Aurburn, Reno.....A few Angels Camps.....Speedway wasn't my main deal I just rode to see what they were like......After you get the hang of them it's fun......Flat track is still my first love.....At 62 I can still back it in and enjoy having a good dual with a buddy now and then on my trail bike( 03 YZ-450)
  2. BC3

    Rider of the Century

    I met Kenny and his dad Buster in 1968 at Sacramento raceway.....
  3. BC3

    Rider of the Century

    What most people don't know was the ORIGINAL bike was a TZ700.....750s weren't made yet when Kell Caruthers built this bike
  4. BC3

    DT250 - Looking for some info

    Crank seals are something that get replaced normally so I would replace those for sure after sitting all that time
  5. BC3

    DT250 - Looking for some info

    I can almost GUARANTEE the pilot jet is plugged....If the bike sat a long time with fuel in it the carb has to come off and get cleaned.......I like lacquer thinner and compressed air......A wire from a wire brush works good for the pilot jet (after removing it) soak parts in a small cup....
  6. Yep they were friend......
  7. BC3

    Where are all the old timers?

    Wow this post is still around.......
  8. BC3

    will this affect anything?

    won't make the clearance readings wrong unless your using the flywheel marks to set the cam positions....I usually eye ball the cam heals when checking clearances.....
  9. You mean this one......Owned by my good friend Tom White in SO CAL
  10. BC3

    4-stroke smoke

    You can smell coolant when it gets in the exhaust...Kinda sweet smell
  11. BC3

    Let see some Vintage Pics

    1979 450 Maico First one in Nor Cal.....I picked it up at the docks in LA.......
  12. BC3

    Let see some Vintage Pics

    Greg Ferguson's Cycle Factory Framed Honda 350
  13. BC3

    Let see some Vintage Pics

    Kenny's Springfield TZ 700
  14. BC3

    Let see some Vintage Pics

    I just saw Billy and Bobby at San Jose Indoors Friday....Since I'm a Legend I enjoy going every year......
  15. BC3

    02 yzf250f running really rough

    As mentioned it does sound like electrical....