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  1. Wabbit16

    04 KLR vibration problem

    The KLR is quite a vibey beast. Mine vibrates more than my old XT550, but the vibes were smoother and not as harsh leading to a less of a monkey butt than the old Yammie. The XT600 and the KLR650 were designed around the same time so the technology is not that new, and some might call it agricultural. Get a Bar Snake, some shotgun pellets or similar to put into the bar, install counterweights, tighten the engine mounts as Crooks said and make sure you do the doohickey ASAP. A redone seat might also help a bit, and it will surely take the vibes away from where it matters
  2. Wabbit16

    300 miles on my old XT350??

    Excellent! I have an old 550, but I'm breaking it up for spares. Lovely little bikes those, and cheap to maintain
  3. Wabbit16

    300 miles on my old XT350??

    A few but they're all lazy on Sundays. Good spread with the mileage!
  4. Wabbit16

    CT110 Vapor, RPM and Balance

    I'd say they're good for 7k rpm (double the reading you're getting now). I think they use a wasted spark design with a spark every rotation. Maybe a more knowledgeable fellow could chime in
  5. Wabbit16

    XT550 Suspension upgrade

    That XT looks good, cucumber/komkommer. Did it affect the seat height?
  6. Wabbit16

    Klr650A shock length

    Just a quickie - does anybody know the dimensions of the klr rear shock? I need it to compare mine that needs work. The damper unit failed . Thanks
  7. Wabbit16

    XT550 ignition info needed

    I had a DR250 kick me back quite bad a while back, my foot curled up like a banana and was like that for a whole day. I'm going to our farm next weekend again, will have a look for you then
  8. Wabbit16

    XT550 ignition info needed

    Saw the vid, she's a feisty one! When I removed the engine the only little box that I saw was the coil, CDI, blinker relay and the airbox:-/. Where is the pulser coil located?
  9. Wabbit16

    XT550 ignition info needed

    Had to give up...the old girl was tired, and there's no use in fixing her up. RIP, dear 550. The XT is still 'around', but I'm selling her off bit by bit. TBH it breaks my heart, but it was just her time. I know of a few contacts that go overseas to the US of A every now and then...when next I get that opportunity, I'll send up my cdi for ya and have my contact courier it from wherever he is to where you are
  10. Wabbit16

    XT550 ignition info needed

    Smac, shout if I can help. My XT isn't gonna run again, so if I can help by hacking up parts, getting readings from wires, etc, just lemme know! P
  11. Wabbit16

    Xt 550 Need A Part H E L P

    The one I have was made up outta fibreglass. Maybe someone can make one for you?
  12. So for the last 3 or so months, I've been pondering what exactly I'd have to do to get an XT550 capable of touring the country, with relative ease and without straining it too much. I already have a good platform to start with: a nimble bike with relatively low weight, a simple air cooled engine with a nice big oil tank, and with it being an engine with a long stroke, it's relaxed at low rpm's. My gearing isn't stock (15/39, stock is 15/42), and currently I'm running 4700 rpm's at 120kph (our speed limit). I'd want to bring that down a bit, maybe to better the fuel economy and ease the motor. Yamaha doesn't make smaller than 39 and no bigger than 15 on the front. I phoned around and I could get sprockets machined for about R600 per pair (around $70). I used a gearing calculator, and figured I could use 16/36 that I'd have made up and that would drop my revs in 5th by almost 800rpm. I have a freeflow zorst on at the moment, with richer jets and still I'm getting a constant 25 kilo's to a litre @ 110kph, although I think it's because I set up the 2nd carb to activate only near full throttle. So, I have the gearing all sorted out, hopefully. The 2nd issue, was heat. I realize that thumpers do run hot, but I don't think that it can be doing the oil any favors. I'm also looking into installing an oil cooler, perhaps one from an old Volkswagen Beetle. Hopefully the plumbing goes as planned, and it should give me a few more cc's of oil capacity. Some issues that I still have to work out would be my rear shock that has gone, my limited range from the 12 litre tank, and wind deflection. The latter I want to solve with a piece of Perspex that I have lying around. I'd figure I'd simply heat it up with a heat gun, bend it to what shape I want it, trim it down and secure it. I only have an open face skidlid, so wind can be a problem sometimes. I'll update here with more ideas, and any comments would be appreciated
  13. Wabbit16

    XT550 regulator/rectifier replacement

    Wow, that's only a bit more than a tankful of petrol for the XT. Not bad at all. Now all that I can wish for is that we manage to find other parts that'll fit the Xt's as well
  14. Wabbit16

    XT550 regulator/rectifier replacement

    Vuka power! It's good to hear of local parts working on imports. How much was the Reg?
  15. Wabbit16

    Help (xt 550)

    I see no one has helped ya...I'm gonna take a guess and say the slide in the carb doesn't open all the way, or maybe the CDI is tweaked, but I doubt it though. If you need help with the XT, ask Smacaroni, the local XT boffin