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  1. svrider23

    Air Filter cleaning question

    Wow, Classy... I use gas then rinse with water. Never had a filter come unglued or deteriorate. I also sometimes leave my truck running when I get gas..... Seems I'm some type of dare devil.
  2. svrider23

    Tips for Kickstarting the KTM 300 09?

    If your 09 300 doesn't start within two kicks there is something wrong. New KTM 2T's start soooooo easy. My 5'1" 104lb girl friend can start mine.... It's not just my bike either, they're all like that.
  3. svrider23

    Cleaning air filter

    Just wondering what most people use to clean thier air filter. I've been using the Motorex stuff but I feel like it could do a better job. Also it seems like Dawn may do just as good of a job. Has anyone tried?
  4. svrider23

    Did a valve adjustment

    I know I should've already done the valve adjustment but I was having so much fun riding and honestly I was a little intimidated of doing the adjustment. I talked to a friend and he said his valves usually loosen but they have tightened a couple times. So could the valves being loose or tight tell me anything? Like I need to clean my air filter more often? I clean it every ride, maybe I need to switch it during a break in the day. Or is it just normal wear and I shouldn't worry much. Also the feeler gauges I used were really difficult to work with. There is a video on Youtube and the one he used looked much better... It was bent on both ends. Where could I get that one?
  5. So I did a valve adjustment on my 07 400XC-W and found both intakes and one exhaust valve to be really tight. The other exhaust valve was in spec. This was the first valve adjustment I've done on a bike, I've done them on cars before and never known them to tighten with wear. Is this common? Why would they be like that? Oh, the bike has 30 hours on it. I also noticed one of my header springs was missing and when I put my kick stand down after I finished everything that spring broke, ***!
  6. So I'm getting my suspension reworked and before I go there I wanna know how I feel about it. Right now the only problem I feel with the suspension is the rear wheel hops pretty bad when braking into corners. Past that it all feels pretty good to me. I'm about 170 w/gear so it's sprung pretty good already for me. I'm a B level hare scrambler. I've only really been riding since Feb. I rode alot as a kid but by myself and slow. So I think I just need help knowing what I'm looking for in my suspension. Oh, I ride an 07 400XC-W.
  7. I also have a 07 400 XC-w. The very very best thing I can tell you to do is ride the dang thing. Don't worry about mods that add 3 hp. They won't make you any faster. If your a skilled enough rider to push the suspension past it's limits than that should be your first mod. Past that ride ride ride and maintain it so you can keep riding it for a long time. No I'm not an old fart I've just learned that it's only skills that make you faster... no offense to old farts...
  8. svrider23

    Cleaned carb now problems...

    Well as embarrassing as it is to tell what the problem actually was I will tell. After close inspection of the pictures on the carb notes I noticed something... I had installed the float in upside down. I disaassembled the carb quickly as I had alot of practice doing it no less than 20 times today. Made the switch, reassembled it, started it up and problem solved! Thanks for the help ramz, I appreciate it.
  9. svrider23

    Cleaned carb now problems...

    Do you know how I can check the flaot hieghts or the spec for it? after ajusting the fuel screw to factory specs it starts better but will only run with the choke on. It actually runs like it normally would with the choke on, like it starts missing as soon as you give it much throttle. When the choke is switched off the bike will start idling down and as soon as you touch the throttle it dies. Thanks for the help.
  10. I bought a 2004 CRF230F that had been sitting since 2004 with the fuel on. The carb was worse than any I had ever seen. The fuel screen on the petcock had actually disintegrated and melted into the petcock and carb. I got the bike running and was still having problems so I took off the bowl cleaned the jets, bowl, inspected the fuel screw and the needle valve. Put it all back together and it wouldn't get any fuel into the bowl. After lots of inspection and thinking it seemed the float height was off. Bent it slighty and the bike starts and runs now but runs really lean, bogs when the throttle is snapped, and barely idles or idles really high. I know there is probably and error of my own fault I just can't figure it out. Oh the bike is completely stock.
  11. svrider23

    530 kick start

    I lost the kick start on my 07 400 yesterday. I was riding along and saw it lying in the trail and thought I wonder who lost that. So as I was picking it up I noticed it was me. Now I just need the bolt for it.
  12. svrider23

    400 XC-W traction

    I am afraid you guys think I may be a stranger to lifting the front tire. I assure you I am not. I can get the bike on the rear tire easily, just not in situations where I run up on something and throttle is the only option I have. I have no trouble on the XR, my buddies CRF450R, or my other buddies 300XC-W. Maybe I'm just looking for the magic answer here... I won't be selling the bike. I can really rip on this thing! SO SO much better than the XR.
  13. svrider23

    400 XC-W traction

    I am setting the sag this weekend, well a friend is gonna help me I have never done it. I am also installing a trials trie. I had one on the XR and it almost got to much traction if there is such a thing. I'm sure it'll be a great improvment on this bike though. Does anynoe else think the engine it's self just isn't the most tractable engine, being a short stroke and all?
  14. svrider23

    400 XC-W traction

    I weigh about 165 with out gear. The previous owner did put a 13T countershaft sproket on it. It seems like a 14T sproket may be to high. I'm pretty sure the bike would run about 100mph now with the 13T sproket. I'm willing to try it though, front sprokets are cheap. About it being a very tractable bike well I disagree. I'm coming from an XR400, that is a tractable bike! The difference between the two is like the difference between a V-twin street bike and a 4 cyl. street bike. Thats just my opinion...
  15. svrider23

    Smoking when on throttle

    So my XR has been a pretty good bike so far. I've only had it about a year and I've rode it alot. Probably about 1500 miles of hard going. I keep the oil changed regularly and just keep the bike maintained well. I rode in a Hare Scramble a few weeks ago. On the tight part of the trail I just couldn't find the right gear. Second was to fast and first wasn't fast enough. I mostly kept it in first and just reved it out. Ever since then I've noticed it smokes when I'm on the throttle. It isn't bad but it's noticable. I figure it's probably rings but if someone knows more it would help. I think in the winter i'm gonna rebuild the top end ( piston, rings, timing chain, valve job ect.) I've never rebuilt a top end on a four stroke but I think I'm more than capable. Any advice will be great, thanks...