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  1. Small place, 2 bedroom as we're outside most of the time. A detached garage would be an ultra bonus! Amy and I and 2 mature female black lab mixes (8 and 11) that sleep 80% of the day. Renting at least a year to start then go from there! Thanks Ryan! Awesome! That's so true, isn't it!? It's not until you get your feet on the ground and smell the air/see it with your own eyes then makes the decision almost instant *yep* or, *nope* Okay, always good to meet up and get some perspective! Thank you!
  2. Does anyone have a moto friendly place to rent in the upcoming months in the areas mentioned above?
  3. Tamihi! Oh yes, Jumbo!!! Thank you!
  4. Up above Cultus lake in BC this summer, looking back into the Cascades on the US side. North of Trout lake, WA can't remember the name of this point.
  5. Yep, I'm with ya on that one! Worth a drive through! If housing isn't through the roof its a hell of a lot closer to Maple Ridge/McNutt in BC for some epic technical riding. Even in the winter!
  6. Wow, thank you everyone who has chimed in! Definitely added a few places to the list of places to check out. I figure coming in the worst months (Dec/Jan) will be a good test to see how it is for a good portion of the year. If you can like it at it's worst then summer will be a 100% bonus. Being able to ride year round right out the back door, with other rock solid riders is important. And, as long as UPS/FedEx delivers to those smaller towns (10k-40k people) I'm alright with that. Plus we would only be a short 30 min drive or so to a bigger town. Bend and Hood River sound cool, but I would think the cost of living and tourism one would be priced out of those places. Growing up in PA I miss the green and trees, high desert scrub brush and moon dust doesn't interest me at all. Ha! Otherwise I'd just stay here in Prescott. So far on the list: Wild cards: Camas, White Salmon, TSF area. Tahuya/Belfair Port Orchard Gig Harbor Bremerton (Is the traffic here really that insane?) I've got a MC plated Husky TX300 (just to connect trails, I'm not interested in riding around town). Any suggestions as to either put a dual sport kit on it to keep the plate, or not worry about it if moving to WA or OR? Thanks for all the input! Rob
  7. Wow, great insider insight, thank you so much guys. How's the winter riding in Gifford? I figured it'd be snowed in and that's why I was thinking Tahuya area, year round riding and being able to put in a real small test loop. Heck even do some slow trials stuff in the back yard or pop a wheelie without having to load up every single time to ride. I miss those days. No income tax is lovely, pretty stoked about that. Cruising across into Oregon for tax free purchases isn't bad either! I'm trying to also not hyperfocus on just riding and taking other living factors into it too. It's not just myself I've got to think about as well...ha! Mountain biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking and more are what we like to do to explore. Im excited to visit.
  8. Okay! We're open and not dead set on any specific area just yet. Smaller towns are nice. Hahaha, I hear ya! Right on, glad to hear you're digging the vids! I've got a bunch more to make. Lol, uh oh, why is that an area to avoid?
  9. Who lives and rides in Shelton, Belfair, Tahuya, Bremerton..etc? Heading up there to scope out the scene to find a place to live, and wouldn't mind meeting up with some single track riders. Basically want to ride at the house, or ride to the trails. Is that possible without being in a 1 horse town? Any good clubs to talk to in the areas? Any opinions are greatly appreciated! Cheers, Rob
  10. The stock spring rate (.43 kg/mm or .44) in the front is way too soft for a 200Lb rider. That combined with the heavier 8.5 kg/mm rear spring has the bike severely unbalanced. What is your rider sag currently set to? This is CRITICAL! Try 110mm or 4 3/8" Here is what I would try for clicker settings after you get your sag sorted out: *all settings are from lightly seated clockwise, then turned counterclockwise to the desired settings.* Front: 20 C 16 R Rear: 20 C 16 R 2.5 Turns out HSC If it's still beating you up out there, come all the way out on compression on both ends and dial in the rebound a few clicks. (this will probably be what you wind up doing with this model) If you have no money to spend, just set your rider sag and try the new clicker settings. I'm sure it'll still be pretty harsh on the trails. Keep in mind it's an **SX** designed to hit big jumps at the track, and it's valved accordingly. Cheers! Rob
  11. Nice work! Glad I could help out a bit with the video! Rob
  12. Sweet! Put 'er back together and rip it! That valving is full on soft for the woods, and if it's sprung right for your weight I bet that combo that's in there will work pretty good. Rob
  13. What springs do you have in it? Where do you mostly ride at (track, trails, jeep roads..)? Where are you clickers set to ( both compression and rebound)? What oil level are the forks set to? These are questions that could help you get some answers. Rob
  14. No doubt both seals need replaced in each cartridge, I see them come in leaking all the time. Since you have it apart spend the time to replace all 4 seals and it'll serve you well for another 9 years! Hopefully you'd change the fork oil before then! Check out this vid I made showing you how to remove the lower seal. If your handy you can tackle this with ease.
  15. Josh if you've lost rebound then mid valve most definitely needs to come apart. Nice job on the tool, you 'll need heat to get it apart. Good luck!