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  1. Indy_WR450

    This master cylinder is killing me...

    The issue is the Brembo caliper. All KTMs have the same mushy crap brake feel as well. You got to replace the caliper if you want Honda or Yamaha style brakes.
  2. Indy_WR450

    Sometimes ratteling 610SM engine?

    20,000 km is like 12,000 miles. The bike needs a new timing chain and clutch bushing. These wear out in 10,000 miles.
  3. Indy_WR450

    Rampart Range Information

    3 feet of snow in 24 hours! she will be closed until mid May!
  4. Indy_WR450

    5.5" Rear on WR450 - Am I asking for Trouble?

    It all depends on clearances. 5" run 160 tires and 4.5" run 150 tires. Either way you got a lot of tire choices.
  5. Indy_WR450

    5.5" Rear on WR450 - Am I asking for Trouble?

    I would not go any bigger than 5" . 4.5" is ideal size for the WR.
  6. Indy_WR450

    Headlamp relays

    Get relays and wiring kits from: http://easternbeaver.com/ A lot of us on adventure riders run high wattage HID and Halogens and we need these to keep the switches from burning out. Great products and easy to install.
  7. Indy_WR450

    Best 17" Fireroad tires?

    Ditto on the MT60 Pirelli tires. They are the only true off road motard tire you can get. The fronts last 5,000. miles and the rears last about 2500 to 3000 miles. They recently went up in price so try and find someone with the old prices $150 rear, $110. front. I run them on a set of Motard forged tubless wheels and you can run them down as low as 15 psi for slow techinical rocky trails ( like a trials tire) and 20 psi for dual sporting and 25 psi for road work.
  8. Indy_WR450

    Is a TE 610 a good adventure tour bike?

    Clear screen looks better with black Baja Deigns Headlight plastic.
  9. Indy_WR450

    Is a TE 610 a good adventure tour bike?

    TE610 is a reliable adventure bike for long hauls over remote rough terrain. We have guys with over 30,000. miles on them on ADVrider. Must changes for long distance are: Seat - renazzco or corbin tank - IMS 5 gallon headlight & wind shield - Baja Designs Diablo HID with 2004 BMW 650 Dakar wind screen Footpegs - Fastway turn signals - Baja designs flexible stock DOT Cush Drive hear hub - optional but recommended for miles of tarmac Hand guards
  10. Indy_WR450

    Making TE 610 street legal (no title) in Texas

    It may also have been stolen. Buyer beware. I would go back and ask the seller if he has the original certificate of origin and if he doesnt he needs the original bill of sale from the dealer to get a duplicate certificate of origin from the manufacturer. I can tell you from personal experience it is a royal pain in the ass.
  11. Indy_WR450

    Making TE 610 street legal (no title) in Texas

    You should not buy it without a manufacturer's "certificate of origin" or a state title if you plan to title it. You need one of those items to plate it in the USA.
  12. Indy_WR450

    Check Your Countershaft Sprocket

    we have seen the same thing on some aftermarket sprockets on the 610. dont use a sloppy fitting sprocket or you will destroy the countershaft splines! Good call to check when putting on a new sprocket.
  13. Indy_WR450

    Husky TE610 vs BMW G650X Country

    You are better off with the BMW. More power for road riding and more comfortable for long rides. The Husky shines on tough jeep trails!
  14. Indy_WR450

    Most miles on a TE610?

    On ADVrider we have a few guys that have 30,000. miles on their 2006 TE610s. They are more maintenance than a XR650R but less than a KTM. We have to do valve adjustments every 5,000. miles and a new timing chain every 10,000. miles. The motor is solid and holds 2 quarts of oil so we expect to be able to get at least 30,000. plus miles before a full engine rebuild. The bike is awesome for true dual sporting and adventure riding.
  15. Rick Ramsey runs it on his husky 610 front and rear. Great old school rider and has lots of experience on the tough nasty stuff. email him on is web site or PM him on ADVrider. http://www.rickramsey.net/ http://www.rickramsey.net/TE610mods.htm#reartrailstire