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  1. Hey guys, I need some design help. I'm making my own graphics for my race bike, I have the vector file templates for my bike but I just don't have the knack for photoshop. Could somebody assist me in designing some graphics? It's pretty basic (I think). Let me know, and give me your email address and I'll send you the files if you can help Thanks, Ryan.
  2. hershey

    Pics of Your 450....

    Pretty sure this is for Honda 450's
  3. hershey

    Air filter screen

    I'm going to take an old air filter and see what it takes to burn it...
  4. hershey

    Air filter screen

    So I just went down and looked at the screen I have sitting on my shelf... The only thing that screen is stopping is gravel, sand would go right through it. Aside from that, the air reaches that screen AFTER the foam filter which traps the finest of dust particles... Which means that the air passing through the metal screen is quite pure, therefore it is not there to filter a damn thing, only flame. Pull your screen out and perform these simple tests: Test 1) Dump sand/dirt in it and watch it hit the ground passing through the screen. Test 2) Part A: Hook an air chuck into your air compressor and blast yourself in the face with the compressed air. Take note of the volume and pressure of the air hitting your face. Part B: Repeat step A, however this time hold the metal screen in front of the air chuck about 4-6" away. Note the difference in volume and pressure of the air hitting you in the face. Imagine that difference in restriction of air flow to your engine.
  5. hershey

    Air filter screen

    You're right, my experience with back to back dyno runs with and without the screen that showed a gain was a figment of my imagination!
  6. hershey

    Air filter screen

    If you're relying on it to filter the air going into your engine why bother using an air filter? Don't be ridiculous. It is WAY less fine than the filter element, it could barely stop sand from getting through.
  7. hershey

    Air filter screen

    Like GTXR said it is a backfire screen, it is not a filtering screen for anything. The air is only filtered through the foam. Flames do not pass through screens like that very well, same reason you have a "spark arrester" in your muffler tip, it is a screen just like the backfire screen. I had my 03' 450R on the dyno last year and gained over 1hp from removing this screen and adjusting the carb for the additional airflow.
  8. Hey everyone, For all those guys trying to get into shape for racing this year or just generally improving their fitness, I recommend you pick up this "game" for Xbox with Kinect. It has many great exercises and programs that you can custom tailor to your own needs and goals, and trust me... It kicks your ass. It comes with a heart rate monitor and some resistance bands. It's a little buggy if you don't set up the Kinect in a good location, so be sure you've got a good area to work out in. I've found the best location for my kinect is about head level and 8-10 feet away. I'm in no way affiliated with Microsoft or EA sports, I just know there are a lot of people out there who wish to work out at home and have a hard time getting motivated. I've created a "workout group" in the game on Xbox live, so if you have an online account you can join my group and we can challenge, motivate and compare each other. One thing I will recommend is to go into the game settings and turn off the Trainer Prompts/Feedback otherwise the in-game personal trainer doesn't shut the hell up and it's really annoying. That bitch is always telling you to squat lower or run faster Anyway, the workout group is called "FFRacing" and the password is "racing". Join in and let's get ripped!
  9. hershey

    Cranks, Which one..?

    Speaking of crappy Wiseco quality, I just measured my stock bore Wiseco 13:1 piston and checked the piston to cylinder clearance... .0045" which is double what it should be. My JE piston clears at .0025" and they recommend .0020"
  10. hershey

    Broken ribs and Work

    Hah! I'm just fooling around mostly. My breaks weren't very severe, some things do require cage rest. I am a young man, but not so young that I still bounce when I hit the ground and have elastic bones. Don't take my comments so personally, see the humor in my posts
  11. hershey

    Broken ribs and Work

    I failed to mention that I broke my ribs on the first lap of a 2 hour endurance race... I won that race And then I competed in a 3 hour endurance right after... 4th place Tough it up, soldier on... It's only pain, pain is weakness leaving the body!
  12. hershey

    Broken ribs and Work

    Sounds like you didn't learn better the first time!
  13. hershey

    piston/cylinder clearance specs

    I guess my first question is: how are you measuring the cylinder and piston? With what tools, and are you measuring at the top/middle/bottom of the bore? Second, is the OEM spec .050 to .065 in metric or imperial? My 450 requies .0020" / .05mm so I would assume you are giving metric dimensions.
  14. hershey

    Broken ribs and Work

    I didn't miss a day when I broke a couple ribs. Sneezing is the worst, I work in heavy industry (welder, new fabrication, structural) and I made it through just fine. Thenagain, when I broke my collarbone I didn't miss a day either. Perhaps I am a tough SOB, or maybe I am stubborn... Either way, tought it out. It will hurt the same laying on your couch so you had might as well make some money.