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    43mm WP rebound, help!

    I've just changed my fork seals again on my bike and put it back together. Only the rebound clicker on the top just keeps clicking and doesn't appear to stop. I've taken the top cap off and put it bak on. I adjusted my rebound last ride so I know it has been working. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong????
  2. gasgasser

    what year is this kx125

    Picked up this bike cheap today. The ad stated it was a 1995, but I think its a 92 due to the number on the frame kx125k-019205. I'm not looking at bothering the old owner, but will need to get a few bits in the future so would be handy to know.
  3. gasgasser

    2018 KTM 85 odd sag recommenation

    Thanks for that we'll aim for 30mm and 120mm. Just one more question the manual has the high speed compression as softer the further it is wound in, I've not seen this before as it's normally the other way round. Did you find this to be accurate?
  4. gasgasser

    2018 KTM 85 odd sag recommenation

    Did you ever sort this out on the bike? The sag measurement seem way off with 120mm rider sag. The bike does not feel balanced
  5. I looking at getting a new helmet soon and want a real light one as my neck is a bit dodgy. I've been looking at a few websites but must just say they are lightweight and don't say what weight they are. I'd like to get a list together to go try on, they also can't be too expensive either. Any one got any helpful info?
  6. If I drown my 2013 250 xcf by completely submerging it under water how and what would I have to do to get it back running again? I know what to do with a 2stroke but not this bike.
  7. gasgasser

    how to bring back a drowned xc-f

    Yes it is FI. No I have no idea either. Would be good to know as many of the enduros and races I do have river crossings
  8. gasgasser

    how to bring back a drowned xc-f

    what about draining the water out of the carb?
  9. gasgasser

    how to bring back a drowned xc-f

    I haven't drown my bike, maybe I should of been a bit clearer. If I drown (water through air filter) my bike on a ride/race what do I need to do at the side of the track to get the bike running again?
  10. Tye, can you describe how to line up the timing marks on the cams for you bike, currently rebuilding the same model as yours and the timing marks are very different to the previous model. I have no manual so wanted to check this. Thanks
  11. I managed to suck water through my 13 250 xcf today. The bike started to run really bad and I had to stop riding. It would not rev high, and kept dying. I guess the bottom end will just need flushing until it is not milky, but I'm a little confused as to what to do with the carb and the fuel injection system. Can anyone tell me what I should be doing to get the bike up and running again.
  12. gasgasser

    02 cr125 suspension specs

    A guy I know just brought a 02 cr125 as his first bike but the fork seals were leaking. I changed the seals for him myself to save him some cash, but as he doesn't have a manual I had to guess the fork oil level at 100ml from the top. And just put the clickers central. Does any know the standard clicker settings, and the fork oil level? A manual to download would be great too?
  13. I have a 2013 250 sxf that has just over 30hrs on it. Today I took it for a ride at the track and noticed it was popping when backing off. This was mainly after being hard on the gas in third. I haven't noticed it doing this before, does anyone have any ideas why? I would of thought this would not be the case on a FI bike?
  14. I have just brought a 07 gasgas 250 txt pro to have some fun on. I don't have a manual and was wondering what the sag settings should be on the suspension. Also a guide on tyre psi would be good too.
  15. gasgasser

    GasGas 250 txt pro suspension set up

    Should there be a free sag and rider sag measurement range?
  16. I recently brought a new/leftover 13 250xcf. Man the clutch feels heavy on this bike, so much so it kind of spoils it for me. Has anyone else found this, or know of a way to reduce the pull?
  17. gasgasser

    13 250 xcf heavy clutch

    That's not really a sensible answer. I've worked as a carpenter for the last 15yrs so hand strength is not the problem and squeezing a tennis ball will not improve a bikes clutch feel. The bike seems to have an excessively heavy clutch for a 250f, and coupled with the horrible brembo lever, I don't like it. I like to have it set up just right so feathering the clutch is no problem to do weather its at the start of an enduro or 5hrs in when things are tricky. I do have a Midwest lever, but the rod is too long, maybe I'll get a shorter rod. I was thinking more a long the lines of swapping the springs of another model.
  18. gasgasser

    13 250 xcf heavy clutch

    could you change the springs?
  19. gasgasser

    Rekluse core exp 3.0

    Whats actually changed??
  20. gasgasser

    what is this leak

    Does anyone know why my 2013 250 sxf is leaking oil from the area pictured?
  21. gasgasser

    Do I have to use motorex oil?

    We don't have ebay either here either. I just wanted to know if I should stick the weight recommended, and if fully synthetic is a must.
  22. gasgasser

    Do I have to use motorex oil?

    I have a 13 250sxf. Do I have to use a 10-60w or 10-50w as over here we don't have rotella so that only really leaves Motorex. Do I have to stick to those weights or can I use a different combo? And does it need to be fully synth? I don't know much about oils, but I can't see how one brand can be the only one I could use in my bike???
  23. gasgasser

    gasgas jtr270 advise

    Just picked up a good condition for its age 96 jtr270. I have no manual for this bike and the first thing I want to do is service it, so I have a couple of questions. What is the fuel oil mix best to use? How much trans oil, and how often to change? best tire pressure? What spark plug should I run/carry? Any other tips?
  24. gasgasser

    How to start faster

    Still confused. Where does this KTM tool come from and what is it?
  25. gasgasser

    How to start faster

    what do you mean work up by 2% at a time