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  1. Brawg

    broken wrist due to barkbusters

    WHile BB do pose the risk of the dreaded "headshake and the hands slip through the BB" thing...they do their job in more than one regard. They protect the hands/wrists/etc against the trees and tall rock, but they also protect those expensive hydraulic master cylinders and levers pretty well too. ...and you can hang stuff from them when the bike is in the garage....
  2. WIthout endless scientific explanation and physics discussion....its the single most best option you can do after you get a helmet and a bike. Get the scotts off road version...handsdown
  3. Brawg

    Racing Costs?

    What is the real question? Is it how much is a typical entry fee? $30-$50 doll hairs ...or....how much does a typical trip to the races cost? Bike $10k Mods $2500 Auto/hauler fuel to race....$4/gal x mileage Race gas $50/5gal Sharp/new Tires: $$100 Gear: $100 x (how deep ur pockets are...) ...and on and on...but...not nearly as expensive as Planes Boats Dirt cars stock cars Top fuel If ur trying to sell the sport to the wife....
  4. Brawg

    Desmogged 500exc

    Definitely not the case here. The dealership either does not know or is pleading the 5th concerning these issues and others. Is there a dealership that i can mail my ecu to, have it unlocked and mapped for XCW and mailed (fedex/ups) back to me? if so...please stand up, please stand up!
  5. Brawg

    Desmogged 500exc

    My dealer here in okc says the same thing about the locked ecu. They say ktm will not issue an authorization code to map an EXC to an XCW due to emissions regulations. What dealer will work with this? I woul send my ecu somewhere if they could make it happen.
  6. Brawg

    Available spring rates?

    thanks guys. I'm trying to get it done while adhering to the principles of 33% sag with rider weight on the bike and 1" of free or "race" sag with just the bikes weight. As you mention Mog, the 1" sag with the bikes weight is harder to attain when going this high on spring rate. I am actually set up with Cannon RaceCraft and will be calling them today. On RaceTech's Calculator....if they are wrong...how am i to make an educated selection of spring rate? Is there a formula based on weight vs. the molecular effect of the moons gravity on the voting habits of obama's antagonists? haha!
  7. SO, for information sake and to power the search engines with some key words that i couldn't seem to trigger during my research...I'm posting my desmog process on my new 500exc. Being a new bike...i wanted to make sure that all of my "doings" were going to keep the short excuse for a warranty in tact. I have part numbers for the plugs, washers etc as well as what all came off of the bike. I know it's a simple process for some, not so for others and would like to give credit to the advrider.com writeup for some great info. Long story short...i plugged the hole left from the smog pump thingy on the right side of the cylinder, the Secondary Air System (SAS), the overflow canister, and all the hoses/wires that go with. The electrical plug that was involved I simply taped up with grease in it and strapped it to the inside of the frame rail. After i took all of it off, it would not idle....i turned up the idle adjuster (to the left) or counter clockwise in order to increase the idle speed. Result!!!!!! NO popping on decal, no stalling after hard accelerating, etc. Sometimes after much creeping and low rpm riding it will load up and flame out. I plan to try a different map after i install my exhaust. I think a new map will be able to add some rev to the top end. Right now it seems kind've flat once you pull through the sweet bottom and mid ranges. The bottom end power of this bike coupled with the silky smooth clutch action makes for the easiest and best suited off road bike i've ever been on. It does what i need it to do! Josh
  8. I am researching what rates to go with on my new 500exc and am not finding a spring manufacturer that makes what i need. i'm 275 without gear, race AA/A harescrambles/enduro. The race tech calculator is saying i need a .59kg/mm for the forks...but race tech only makes up to a .52kg/mm. Who else should i look at? I've decided not to look into anything like progressive rates or all that jazz....
  9. Brawg

    Just got a 12 500 exc..Now what?

    Good question! The KTM dealer that i purchased bike from said they would get it....Guess they did not know this info. I will be calling them right now
  10. Brawg

    Just got a 12 500 exc..Now what?

    i just bought one too. I ordered Flexx Bars in the Adventure high bend, a rekluse Zstart Pro, an extra tall seat, Cycra hand guards for the Flexx bars, a map switch, lower gearing (sprockets) and fat boy springs. From what i see, the only smog related stuff is the check valve in the crank case vent. The EF works really well, so i may hold off on the JD jet tuner until i can ride it with the map switch and see if it needs anything else. If you ride it in the rocks and little to never on the road....count the stock metzlers for worthless. They are hard and got almost no traction in the rocks of Arkansas. I will be going with a trials tire asap with the tubliss system on rear. i'll be waiting to see what this thread suggests myself! Good riding! Josh
  11. Brawg

    09 wr450 wont start

  12. Brawg

    09 wr450 wont start

    My neutral safety works, the clutch lever switch works. I have heard mention of the stator pickup clearance being an issue? I put little faith in that clause because if it is spinning to "pickup" spark...it should pickup spark at all RPM. Any rhyme or reason to the ignition switch button indicator light dimming under varying circumstances? I thought it dimmed if and when amperage was being drawn...ie: using estart.
  13. Brawg

    Headlight dimming at high rpms

    voltage regulator?