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  1. I have a 2 different 09 yz125s both with aftermarket footpegs on them. One has IMS pro seies Bigfoot pegs and the other has the sunline arched pegs. When kicking it the kickstarter sticks in each of them. Just wondering what pegs everyone runs that the kickstart does NOT get stuck in them?
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy some green gripper seat material? I have found black and a few other colors but I havent found the green that I am looking for?
  3. aedwards07

    2013 crf450 pics.

    Glad you like them! I was looking for some customer feedback on what customers thought about the relief cut we put in them. If you ever need anything feel free to give us a call!
  4. aedwards07

    2013 crf450 pics.

    Those graphics look good! How did the numberplates fit?
  5. aedwards07

    2009 hard to start

    I have a 09 with 65 hours on it. I just put a new piston in it and the cylinder still looked good. The valves were still in spec and were sealing. I had my fuel pump go out on it so I installed a 2012 fuel pump. Other than that the bike is all stock except the backfire screen removed and a Yosh full exhaust. Im going to put a new plug in it wednesday when it comes in along with cleaning the fuel filter to see if that helps. The bike never wants to start when I first try to start it in the morning but once it is running once it will fire right up. Any ideas on what to do next?
  6. aedwards07

    04 e250 a/c issue

    Ill try to see what I can find today.Is there any tricks to finding a vacuum leak?I know to look for a crack in a hose or a soft hose but since its on a van I dont have much room to look.Maybe spray something on the hose?
  7. So I have a 04 ford e250 van with the 5.4 motor.It only has the front a/c not the rear mounted unit.Recently the a/c has been acting up.Sometimes it will work perfectly fine BUT most of the time it doesnt. When you turn it to a/c or max a/c or really any other setting there is very little airflow out of the main vents.The air mainly comes out the defroster or the foot vents. The air comes out ice cold and everything when it works its just that it doesnt most of the time. Any idea what to check or any ideas to get this fixed?
  8. aedwards07

    09 crf450 wont go wide open?

    Im going to pull the pump and clean the filter tomorrow after work.If its dirty looking ill order a new one and try to clean this one for the time being.Sounds like its the filter clogged though.
  9. aedwards07

    09 crf450 wont go wide open?

    Do I just clean the filter with some carb cleaner I assume?
  10. aedwards07

    09 crf450 wont go wide open?

    So I have a 09 crf450.It has 30 hours on it.Was great until recenetly When I give it full throttle it just wont go.It will pop and sputter on top end.Seems its harder to start as well.Valves are good.Seems its something in the FI system.No trouble codes come on.Im leaning toward the fuel pump is bad.Is that what it sounds like? If it is can I put the newer 11/12 pump on it?
  11. aedwards07

    Stewart´s slim JGR Yamaha...

    You sure?Im still thinking there CF
  12. aedwards07

    Stewart´s slim JGR Yamaha...

    Did you not look at the picture I posted?
  13. aedwards07

    Stewart´s slim JGR Yamaha...

    There carbon fiber and ultra trick!
  14. aedwards07

    2009-12 wheels reliability

    My stock wheels on my 11 are filled with flat spots.I had a talon/excel combo that is holding up strong though.
  15. aedwards07

    Foot pegs

    Ok so your just about in new york.Check out this thread for a few local D6 people. http://members.boardhost.com/D6MX/msg/1318870439.html