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  1. RAD2007

    Can you wheely your DR?

    mine will come up in 1st easy with no clutch with the ultra quick throtle tube second needs a lot of revs and clutch, stock gearing
  2. RAD2007

    Dr vin #

    Mine is a 2007 vin in on right side of steering head mounted verticle just behing the stem
  3. more my style http://globalxvehicles.com/vehicles/73/
  4. RAD2007

    Joe Rocket dual sport helmet

    tried one on last week at the dealer next to my work, would not buy it. Felt poorly made and fit very strange, visor too short nose too high. Felt like I would be safer in a bicycle helmet. I have a scorpion exo 700 for road and a scorpion vx 24 off road, that is what I compared the joe rocket to
  5. RAD2007

    Who has the nicest boat???????????????

    most likley on a transport ship either loading or off loading and there was a failure with the bow support rigging thus dropping the boat bow first in the water. My grandpa was a coastguard certified sea captain told me he had seen that happen in person
  6. RAD2007

    DR 650 case guards

    awesome work! i would love to have a set of those, bet you could make some good cash selling those to the rest of us DR nuts
  7. RAD2007

    96-2010 DR650SE Fuel Injection Project....

    very interested I will be following this thread closely
  8. bad ass vid bro like that second band good stuff:thumbsup:
  9. RAD2007

    Be grateful for every ride.

    Bob sorry to hear of your situation best of luck to you as well:thumbsup: I'll be praying for you
  10. RAD2007

    Be grateful for every ride.

    Hey brother keep your head up, I had a hand injury a while back that threatened to take me off the bike for good, I just stayed positive and it all worked out. I wish you all the best and will pray for you to have a fast and full recovery.
  11. well crap had I seen this a week ago I would be going:banghead: Its over my bday and I wanted to be on two wheels so I planned to ride the harley down to S padre for three days . Is this a yearly ride? if so Ill be going next year?
  12. great vid bro. I love that bike it will be my next two wheel purchase:thumbsup:
  13. RAD2007

    TTers, meet my DR, "The Commutard"

    very nice bro looks great
  14. RAD2007

    A Photo Journal: Upper Penninsula

    Great post thanks for putting that up made My monday morning a little easier:thumbsup:
  15. Does cricket count as it is an English sport? I thought Aussie Football was more RED DRAGONS:thumbsup: