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  1. Shinkos 705's good for light trails and gravel. Not a mud tire. But a great option
  2. Best roads around.
  3. License and registration please!! do you frequent the north bay?
  4. So so it looks like half the photos you post are either southern ca. And then the other half is Bay Area? You split your time or are these old stock photos from past rides and trips
  5. Cool story bro
  6. So it's starting and idling and it's back firing. Or all your getting is ignition and it's popping unspent fuel before it can crank over
  7. Yeah I got that. I posted the link to the specs
  8. Personally 18k miles is getting up there for a OEM stock stator. But then again you could test good now button everything up and then 20 miles down the road the bike won't charge or idle well at all Yes there are are ways to test look for the link in the stickys up top.
  9. Depends. What year is your bike and how many miles. I have seen better looking stators that have gone bad. Mine lasted about 12k miles before giving up the ghost and looked similar to yours.
  10. Ran relocated signals for probably 8years. With and without stock exhaust. http://
  11. Motionpro. User them on many of my bikes no issues ever You can extend the life of almost any cable with regular maintenance
  12. Don't listen to any of these flapjacks. Its your fill fill hole for the blinker fluid.