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  1. only the SM's here in the north bay are going for big coin. most the sellers think they can get back what they put into them. and so most of them sit and sit. after the fires here everything is pricey
  2. you checked the fuse but did you try replacing it just to double check?
  3. oldie but a goodie. been looking through the craigslist. on the hunt for a drz this winter
  4. you can also check out wheelingcyclesupply.com
  5. yeah, charlie brown and the gang are a staple here in sonoma county. you can drive almost anywhere and see peanut statues in front of business's here. and we have our Snoopy Ice Arena just a few miles from my house and the Schulz museum next-door to the arena. he was a fixture here until his death. we were all sad to hear his house didn't make it when we had the wildfire in october https://www.sonomacounty.com/sites/default/master/files/pdf/PeanutsStatuesAroundTown-LowRes_2-27-15.pdf
  6. charles schulz house burnt to the ground during our fires here. so sad. a ton of peanuts stuff went with the house.
  7. looks worn but not toast. but a sprocket thats starting to get to the end of its life shouldn't be used with a new chain. replace both at the same time and when i say shouldn't, i just mean that its probably worth while investing in a new one at the same time as with a new tight chain it will wear quickly
  8. Shinkos 705's good for light trails and gravel. Not a mud tire. But a great option
  9. Best roads around.
  10. License and registration please!! do you frequent the north bay?
  11. So so it looks like half the photos you post are either southern ca. And then the other half is Bay Area? You split your time or are these old stock photos from past rides and trips
  12. Cool story bro
  13. So it's starting and idling and it's back firing. Or all your getting is ignition and it's popping unspent fuel before it can crank over
  14. Yeah I got that. I posted the link to the specs