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  1. 707drz

    Dash lights too bright

    if its in your line of sight your likely sitting too far back on the seat or you are just really short.
  2. 707drz

    Pelican Style Waterproof Tool Box Mod (Cheap)

    Good job. Best thing I ever did for my bikes was storage solutions. It makes my rides that much more enjoyable.
  3. 707drz

    DRZ SuperMoto Wheels

    Does the bike come with the purchase of the set?😁
  4. 707drz

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    man I miss my little piggy.
  5. 707drz


    Anything sport touring. Something with a harder compoind or even multi compounds. I like bridgestones battlax line of tires. I know these aren’t touring but damn I love these tires. They were a perfect pair for my SM. And they are priced well https://www.bikebandit.com/tires-tubes/motorcycle-tires/bridgestone-battlax-hypersport-s20-w-motorcycle-tire/p/58836?b=4546207&CRTP=psc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuZDaxIOJ3QIV17XACh0wPQ3OEAQYByABEgJYNvD_BwE
  6. 707drz


    what kind of riding do you do? That will be a large factor while choosing the right tire
  7. 707drz

    Positive thoughts for bronco78

    Man your old🍻 man I was just a young buck when this thread was started
  8. 707drz

    Random pics.

  9. 707drz

    Random pics.

    Went to our local Peggy sues car show last weekend. Was a blast. Over 750 cars there. It was just me and my middle wild child. Lots of cool cars. I love scamps. We found this ‘71. Which my daughter loved. I drove a’73 across the country back in 2005 from st Pete Florida to the Bay Area. The truck as you you can see was a partial survivor for our fires late last year. Pretty amazing it made it out that well.
  10. 707drz

    Delkevic Exhausts? Any Choices?

    Everyone has a different opinion. Some want an exhaust for performance. Some want one for looks. And some just want sound. Its up to you. We already know that the MRD and the yoshimura perform and do it well. Sure they are costly. But what high quality proven product isn’t?? if your just looking for some aesthetics and noise then I’m sure that pipe is good.
  11. 707drz

    Random pics.

    Oh I bet. Been nursing some good brew to help the sleep set in my self. Its been good. Our city is rebuilding and fire season is underway. I’m feeling old. Oldest will be a sophomore in 8 days. And my daughter will be 10 and the youngest is turning one in August.
  12. 707drz

    Random pics.

    What’s up granny.!!!? how are those margaritas?
  13. 707drz

    Problem with the starter

    What Erik said. Its super easy. Just. Hardest part about doing the job is disconnecting the battery.
  14. 707drz

    Problem with the starter

    Had the same problem years ago. Starter solenoid was the issue. Took me forever to figure it out.
  15. 707drz

    Who has the best cylinder works prices?

    The internet
  16. 707drz

    Drz400s backfiring

    Sounds normal. Decel pop is normal and is fun. Learn to love it and use it wisely to scare and annoy
  17. 707drz

    Britanica Composites fairing

    I have seen a few over the years. Maybe people have tried to make there own vs. buying one of o recall. There is more on this fairing over at Advrider. Many opt to going the mad max mod.
  18. 707drz

    Random pics.

    Guys weekend this weekend. Boys had some fun
  19. 707drz

    Random pics.

    Took this Friday at sunset. Coming down the hill from my daughters Girl Scout campout. Was absolutely stunning to see. You cannot see it. But both sides of the canyon and almost every tree down hill was burnt to a crisp during out October fires here. This is about 15 minutes from my house
  20. 707drz

    how often to change oil on DRZ 400?

    during the warm and hot months if i ride hard and only street i would try and get it changed every 800-1000 miles. if i did hard dusty back road and fire roads i would get it done around 500-800 miles. it all depends on your type of riding if you ask me
  21. 707drz

    Are DRZ's also expensive in your area?

    only the SM's here in the north bay are going for big coin. most the sellers think they can get back what they put into them. and so most of them sit and sit. after the fires here everything is pricey
  22. 707drz

    turn key to on and no power - nothing

    you checked the fuse but did you try replacing it just to double check?
  23. 707drz

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    oldie but a goodie. been looking through the craigslist. on the hunt for a drz this winter
  24. 707drz


    you can also check out wheelingcyclesupply.com
  25. 707drz

    Random pics.

    yeah, charlie brown and the gang are a staple here in sonoma county. you can drive almost anywhere and see peanut statues in front of business's here. and we have our Snoopy Ice Arena just a few miles from my house and the Schulz museum next-door to the arena. he was a fixture here until his death. we were all sad to hear his house didn't make it when we had the wildfire in october https://www.sonomacounty.com/sites/default/master/files/pdf/PeanutsStatuesAroundTown-LowRes_2-27-15.pdf