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  1. MotoMan40

    Tusk D-Flex Handguards

    Cheap and holds up well enough.
  2. MotoMan40

    ProTaper Pillow Grip

    Soft and long lasting.
  3. MotoMan40

    Easton EXP EA70 Taperwall M 109 36

    Sleek look, thick build.
  4. MotoMan40

    Moto Tassinari V-Force 3 Reed Valve System

    Smooth power.
  5. MotoMan40

    Renthal Final Drive Kit

    Light weight, looks good.
  6. MotoMan40

    FMF Racing Fatty Pipe

    Great finish and broadened powerband.
  7. MotoMan40

    Suzuki RM125 2003

    2003 RM144
  8. MotoMan40

    RM125 Jetting Chart

    Your lucky day! I hardly ever get on TT anymore, but popped on here for the first time in a few months today. I believe this chart will work for your bike.
  9. MotoMan40

    07 rm125 build

    I think it still came out to $400 flat. Back when I had it done, Gorr covered all shipping costs if you paid by check. Not sure if he still does that or not though.
  10. MotoMan40

    Trials bikes?

    Personally, I'd recommend putting your time and money into either your current bike or a cheap 125 2T. Probably a cheaper and more practical way to spend money. If you are looking to race or increase immediate skills, nothing can replace putting some serious seat time on your current bike.
  11. MotoMan40

    Trials bikes?

    Never bought one, but definitely want to eventually. Rode one previously owned by a pro rider, and oh my god they are fun. Different for sure, but a total blast.
  12. MotoMan40

    07 rm125 build

    I'm a little bit out of the loop, but Gorr turned my 03 into a 144 for $400 total including replating, boring, piston, etc. Still your best bang for the buck...
  13. MotoMan40

    Lets see The Rm's

    Stock look, not so stock cost
  14. Hello all! I used to be a pretty active member on this site a few years back, and am hoping to get back into the sport after a brief break. Lets just say, college is no fun and not too forgiving when it comes to supporting one's love of riding. I am *finally* set to graduate with a degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University within the next year. That being said, my old trusty 2003 rm125 has been collecting dust in my garage for the past couple years and its time to put some of my summer internship money back into either this beauty or a project bike. I have always had a love for the aesthetic makeovers of vehicles, a love that almost (keyword: almost) matches that of my actual love for riding. Other than a new set of rear spokes for the rm, I am open to any and all suggestions as to what to do next to either the rm or a future project bike. My budget is still somewhat limited (being a college student blah blah blah), so if I find a project bike it will most likely be an early 2000's model 2 stroke. My 03 125 currently has a pretty solid amount of money invested into it - including a gorr 144 kit, newish tires, piston, sprockets, plastics, etc - but any suggestion for upgrades are always welcome. Here a few before and afters of the past and current bike. It feels good to be back! 2001 yz125 After Restoration: 2003 rm125/144 Through the years: