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  1. bigfatgreenbike

    Ignition key on KTM 450 EXC?

    If you want your bike to be where you left it, I suggest you get a very thick chain and lock and lockup the bike to something solid. Where I live, the average 12 year old can get past an ignition lock with a paper clip. Forget the ignition key. Get a hardened steel chain (not a cable lock) and lock. Devon Brooklyn, NY
  2. bigfatgreenbike

    Coolant temp guage KTM 450EXC

    Yes, you route the overflow tube so it dumps on the headpipe. When it boils, it's too hot. Somebody makes stick-on LCD temp gauges that you put on the engine case or radiator. That's about as much additional equipment I'd rationalize to know exactly what my coolant temp it. I have the fan, in a box. I took it off because it drained the battery. If you add a coolant recovery tank, and rejet, you shouldn't have a problem. Also, DO NOT idle your engine. If you stop for 30sec, shut it off. I might put it back on, or fit a smaller computer case fan instead. I don't have problems with boiling now so I'm not in a hurry.
  3. bigfatgreenbike

    2008 Rmz 250

    So see if the CRF handles well for you- Any bike looks good when you're standing on the podium. Don't get hung up on looks.
  4. bigfatgreenbike

    first ktm.. loving it+ jd "q"

    If you've ever cleaned a carb, that's more work than fitting the jet kit. On my bike I didn't have to pull the carb, just rotate it. The JD kit for my 450EXC came with an o-ring to modify the accelerator pump linkage, along with the jetting it changes the throttle response. On my DOT spec bike it totally transformed it (meaning it now runs reliably and has good throttle response). But like all jet kits (dynojet etc), it is first designed to never, ever result in a phone call to its maker accusing them of seizing your motor. So put in the JD kit, ride the bike for a while, then contemplate going a tiny bit leaner.
  5. bigfatgreenbike


    I have an 07 EXC450 that I ride New England enduros with. I am 150lbs and the woods we ride are very tight and very rocky. I had to do all the usual bike armor (bash plate, barkbusters, radiator guards), jetting, and a suspension revalve on both ends. Out of the box, if you are a big guy racing in the desert the suspension might have been perfect. All the events I ride require street registration, so the DOT version solved a lot of problems for me. If tapdancing at the DMV is something you don't mind, it sounds like sticking a headlight on an XC might be more your style. The DOT headlight on my EXC has a glass lens, is heavier, and is already cracked (maybe I should stop running into trees).
  6. I highly recommend you fit two rimlocks in the front also. If you get a flat on the freeway, with a regular setup you only have 1/4mi or so until the bead comes off and you crash. I've had two friends crash on the freeway like this, got a puncture while in the fast lane and couldn't get to the shoulder before the bead came off. I've been using double rimlocks for four years, not only do they balance out OK but they allow you to ride the bike with a flat at almost any speed until the tire disintegrates. So far the longest I did was 15mi on a KLR650 with a flat front tire. The tire was fine (but hot enough to cook an egg on) and I doubt there's a heavier bike on this forum. Also, double rimlocks will let you run really low tire pressures, which helps traction. Changing tires with twin rimlocks gets easy with practice.
  7. bigfatgreenbike

    New 2007 450 EXC Runs like Crap, Please Help

    Remove the screw from the catch tank. Remove the evaporative emissions gear too, charcoal canister, valve (bolted to the oil filter cover, you'll need to put a couple washers on the bolt when you remove the bracket), plug off the port on the intake. Install a 2nd rimlock in each wheel, 180 deg opposite the stock one. This way you can run a flat if necessary for miles. Balances well enough at 65mph. Jet kit. I got a JD kit, but will probably go a tad leaner since it's a bit rich. But starts easy, and runs great. Pipe- you don't need to cut the pipe, especially if the bike will be used where noise is an issue (basically everywhere). There's a guy on ktmtalk.com named "knobbylips" who does a mod for $125 that adds a turn-down tip, improved flow, and cuts noise. I'm planning to do that as soon as my pipe needs to be repacked. Stock gearing is 15-45, a joke for tight trails. I am using 13-50 for east coast woods, pretty happy with it. Still using the stock chain, just turn the adjustor blocks 180deg. K&S makes tiny LED turn signals that work OK in the back, your flasher will operate faster though. I trashed one of those already, so I'm buying the cheapest, smalles turn signals that Dennis Kirk sells and mounting them on a piece of rubber, which I'll bolt to the actual signal mount. I did this on my KLR and it makes the blinkers way more woods-worthy. Jet kit, $75, 13t front $25, cheap turn signals $15, Rimlocks $45. Hardly $600-$700.
  8. bigfatgreenbike

    Engine Coolant

    I called the manufacturer of Engine Ice before I put it in the KLR250 I used to own. They said nothing weird would happen if it got a bit of regular antifreeze in it, but that you'd be best off filling with distilled water and running the motor for a minute or two, do that a couple of times. I've been using it in my EXC450 since the first ride-- since I put the catch tank on I haven't needed to top up. JD jet kit, no radiator fan, all NE single track. One other thing to think about with the engine ice, it's non-toxic. I have two kids that get into everything, not to mention pets if you spill a lot of coolant on the ground. Engine ice will give someone a stomachache, but ethelyene glycol will kill them. A lot safer and it works well.
  9. bigfatgreenbike

    Newbie questio of 525

    There's a lot of things you can do besides fitting a throttle limiter of some sort. Heavier flywheel US market 07 muffler end cap (quieter too) DBdawg muffler insert- this will only take 1hp or so off, but it takes it off the top (according to their dyno charts) http://www.dirtwerkz.com/Pages/products/exhaust/dB_Dawg.html Also, as a guy who used to do LONG street/dualsport rides, noise definitely contributes to fatigue. Gear it so you are lugging it a bit. The motor will make a nasty racket but will pull at an amazingly low RPM. It won't have much "snap" but will tractor up and over nearly anything. I ride a 450 EXC in Northeast US enduros- all rocks, tree roots, mud holes etc. So I am sort of in the same boat, where the bike I ride is really too big for the terrain (but man does it climb hills.....). I have learned to ride it, and have sort of gotten used to the power. Another couple of enduros and I'll be a lot more comfortable opening the throttle. Stick with it. They are awesome bikes. I would worry more about getting the suspension set up for whatever is the hardest section of your events.
  10. bigfatgreenbike

    450 EXC suspension

    HA! I am saving up to have my 07 revalved. I rode an 05 and an 06 briefly, before I bought my 2007, and they were plush and planted, great for rocky single track. Both had stock suspension, with the clickers set soft. The 07 seems valved for a 300LB man racing open desert. It's so stiff compared to the 06. I have no idea what KTM was thinking. Are they afraid of selling a "street bike" that dives on braking? I have gone full soft on the clickers, pulled out shims (got a stack setup off KTMtalk.com, better but still not right), pulled out preload, lowered the oil level, pulled lots of preload out the of rear, etc. Every thing was a step in the right direction, it's still not enough. I weigh 155lb, about 170 in riding gear.
  11. bigfatgreenbike

    Top Speed, 90MPH? Time to get...

    Unless you were using a GPS or radar gun or corrected digital speedo, that 92mph is as good as a campaign promise. Nearly all japanese bikes have way overoptimistic speedos. Try gearing down. The stock gearing is designed to keep the engine rpm low enough to pass the EPA 50mph drive-by noise test. It's not relevant to any sort of real world riding. On my 450 (I put in a jet kit before I even took it offroad) I first tried 14-45, then 14-48, then 14-50, and now 13-50. That's for New England single track, not road, but try a 14t sprocket. You'll probably get more top speed. Also, think about a jet kit. I got the JD jetkit, comes with different needles, etc.
  12. bigfatgreenbike

    07 450exc Epa Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The 07's have a catch tank. When you dump the bike, the tank floods. It will hold nearly 200-300cc of gasoline, and when it's full it will close off the vents to the carb bowl. The bike will then crank forever and never start. How do I know??????? First thing is to pull the drain bolt out of the catch tank. Leave it off for trail riding. Jet kit, and close off the port off the intake that hooks up to the charcoal canister. I tossed the canister and installed a coolant recovery tank in its place in the airbox. Once you fix the catch tank the carb works like any other year FCR, ie pin it and kick (or crank) when you drop it.
  13. bigfatgreenbike

    jd jetting help

    There are full instructions for with smog, without smog, with restrictor, without etc. I also bought the acc pump kit, but decided to wait and see if I liked the bike with the jetting first. The accel pump diaphram is still sitting in the toolbox. The bike runs great with just the jet kit. I was able to install it just by loosening the carb clamps and twisting the carb in the boots. I de-smogged the bike, but kept the restrictor (need it to be quiet). The evaporative emissions gear and the catch tank are fairly useless in the woods for enduros- every time you dump the bike you'll have some work to do. I ended up just leaving off the drain bolt for the catch tank, and venting the catch tank to the steering head. Handles water crossings really well. Drains out all by itself.
  14. bigfatgreenbike

    2-up on the KLR650

    It's fine. I had a KLR a few yars ago, put 33,000mi on it in three years. If you want to pimp it out for extended 2-up riding, get a Corbin seat ($225 or so) and a JC Whitney quick-release top box. Glue a foam rubber pad to the front of the box, it holds a bunch of luggage and makes a great backrest ($65). I used to drive my wife to work on it all the time, it was her favorite out of the other bike's I'd had. Replace the stock fork springs with Progressive spring ($80), and bring up the oil level to 150mm from the top of the forks ($9 for fork oil).
  15. bigfatgreenbike

    How loud is the 2007 450 EXC?

    Seriously? That is five or six rides for me, on average. I'll be doing a ride in June that will put almost 30hrs on the motor in three days. I can't say I really took the repacking interval seriously- after all, the manual would have me tearing down my (perfectly running brand new) engine to inspect the main bearings at 90hrs. As for the difference between a DRZ400E and an 07 (DOT) EXC450, the EXC has a DOT approved exhaust and the DRZ doesn't.